Most of PA Policed by Militias

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That’s what you call a 5 or 10-person “police department” of mostly part-time officers right?

Did you know that two-thirds of the state’s police officers are part-time, and 15% of the departments are part-time? And that the federal government is giving these lil’ militias terrifying weapons of war to play with in the course of their township policing duties.

Also, a little less than half of PA’s municipalities fall into the category where they are too small, have too little governing capacity, or are too tax-allergic/exurban, that they mooch off the state police for coverage at a cost of about $500 million to state taxpayers. Police department consolidation is the second place Tom Wolf should go looking to close the Republican budget deficit, after canceling tax subsidies for fossil fuels.

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One Response to Most of PA Policed by Militias

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Greene County has actual right-wing, white supremacist militias. And the PSP, although with the staffing hits they took under Corbett, they have a hard time rescuing us. We have this Southwest Regional Police thing, but they all look like they’re barely old enough to shave.