#PAGov: Wolf Disagrees with Cuomo’s Fracking Ban

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The moratorium supporters failed to move any Democratic candidates for Governor into their column during the primary, so this isn’t surprising. Wolf continues to support a moratorium on gas drilling on public land, so I’m expecting a high profile reversal of Tom Corbett’s recent moves approving drilling on state lands when Wolf gets into office in January.

But expect the banning pen to get put away shortly after that. Wolf is counting on substantial new revenues from a 5+% severance tax on natural gas production to fulfill his promise to restore education funding and to fix the giant deficit mess that the “fiscally responsible” Republican Party left in a flaming bag on his doorstep.

In my opinion, getting the money is best, as long as Wolf follows through on his pledge to regulate methane leakage through DEP, and does some other things to ensure that only well-capitalized players can play this game the environmentally-responsible way: hiking bonding requirements, passing stricter wastewater management rules, and generally making it harder for small operators who can’t clean up their own messes without public assistance to get in on the action.

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2 Responses to #PAGov: Wolf Disagrees with Cuomo’s Fracking Ban

  1. steventodd says:

    All watersheds or none. Different rules is unfair. I called out the hypocrisy of our GOP legislature when they pulled this same dual logic. I now call out the guy I campaigned and voted for.


  2. Sue says:

    We must defend our watersheds!cannot drink oil, gas or FRACKING residue!