Poll: PA is Loving Life Under Gay Marriage

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The gay marriage ban ended, nothing bad happened, and now six in 10 people support same-sex marriage.

LGBT civil rights activists will still be gainfully employed in this state for the foreseeable future, but they will increasingly have the wind at their backs.

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2 Responses to Poll: PA is Loving Life Under Gay Marriage

  1. Mel Heifetz says:

    Well said, but gays can still be fired if they put a photo of there partner on there desk or have anyone know they are gay at work. There are NO protections for GAYS in Penna law and with Republicans in control of the house and senate it is unlikely anytime soon.

  2. I agree it is unlikely that Pennsylvania will soon pass legislation adding members of the GLBT community to Pennsylvania’s Human Relations Act. But we should keep trying. Any efforts that can produce roll call votes on the question would be helpful, as those who vote no will learn that their position is not widely appreciated. And any organized attempt to get Republican legislators to back anti-discrimination laws, and pledge support for legislators who back them, would be helpful too.