Sorry, a 5% Severance Tax Won’t “Cripple” PA’s Economy

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Only 0.5% of the PA workforce is employed by the natural gas sector. Yes, there are some other auxiliary industries that benefit from natural gas activity that aren’t counted in that. Yes, low gas prices support some additional economic activity than under a high gas prices scenario.

But you’d have to be smoking crack to believe that a 5% severance tax on gas drilling will “cripple” PA’s economy. It’s just not that significant a part of our economy.

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6 Responses to Sorry, a 5% Severance Tax Won’t “Cripple” PA’s Economy

  1. Doug Webster says:

    The PA Legislature is absolutely controlled by the GOP….the same GOP that at the national level, just announced via its about-to-become Senate Majority Leader that the very first action it would take in January would be approving the Keystone pipeline. This is NOT a group of people who are going to be receptive to any kind of a tax on the oil and gas industry any more than they are receptive to effective regulation of its impacts on the state’s air, ground and water.

    My cynical mind thinks it highly likely that Corbett and his troops knew early on that they were in deep trouble and that the passage of their smoke and mirrors budget over Democratic opposition was simply passing a bag giant lead weight to Mr. Wolf – one that he will have to spend the next four years trying to keep from sinking his own administration after one term.

  2. Frediano says:

    Sure. And why not a ‘2% for looking in the mirror twice’ tax, while we’re at it? The biggest scandal over fracking is not a GOP or Dem thing; the biggest scandal is how all those in Harrisburg a few years ago–GOP and Dem alike, in advance of the approval of fracking in PA, had their crony friends scurry out like the little ratcake politicos they are and buy out extraction rights for pennies on the dollar from ususpecting landowners. Because it isn’t illegal for these ratcake weasels to trade on ‘insider information’– according to the laws they establish for their own benefit. Wake up and smell the real corruption, which has become government itself, GOP or Dem makes little difference.

  3. Julieann Wozniak says:

    What’s hurt PA’s economy? Corbett’s austerity, that’s what. Well, austerity for us, generous handouts for the corporate elite. It’s hurt actual people, too.

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