Crazed Tyrant Tom Wolf Wants to Appoint Agency Heads Who Agree With Him

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The way “Governor” works is that, to fulfill the agenda you laid out in your campaign, you appoint a bunch of people to the various executive branch agencies who agree with that agenda, you retain some people who agree with that agenda, and you replace people who don’t.

Governors don’t just govern by edict. They govern by appointing people to carry out all the stuff they promised to do.

So I really don’t understand Erik Arneson’s point that the executive branch offices are supposed to be independent from the Governor’s vision. That seems to me to be completely wrong, and totally antithetical to the concept of political accountability, where the things people promise to do while on the campaign trail are the things they try to do once elected.

The voters rejected Tom Corbett. They did not want him to be in charge of the Executive branch appointments or the policy direction anymore. That is why the Republicans did not convene a shame-duck session in January before Corbett left office. That is why Tom Corbett’s shady 11th-hour appointments to state agencies deserved to be rescinded.

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5 Responses to Crazed Tyrant Tom Wolf Wants to Appoint Agency Heads Who Agree With Him

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Republicans call everyone a tyrant who doesn’t march in lockstep with their ideology. They’ll toss out the highly offensive and inaccurate Nazi meme, and whine a lot. I’m a tyrant, BTW. And a terrorist.

  2. Dude says:

    Arneson isn’t complaining about the department head changes, but his own appointment. The Open Records department is supposed to be an independent branch as they have to give up records even when the Governor and his staff might not want that to happen.

    Even if you agree with each and every change, it was still stupid for Wolf to piss off the very people he needs to agree and pass his own appointments right from the bat.

    I would also challenge the idea that these appointments were “sneaky” or last minute. If a term expires in December 2014, the Governor in December 2014 appoints the replacement.

    • phillydem says:

      IIRC, the job had been open since July of 2014. It wasn’t filled until just before Corbett left office it with a guy who would be working for the FORMER Senate leader, which, I’m sure was considerably less attractive. A nice favor to Pileggi I suppose.

      It’s ironic that Arenson is suing about his termination based on being an “at will” employee. This is apparently a fine law – for everyone else. The commonwealth could have labor protections, but the GOP doesn’t believe in them, so… see ya!

  3. Tsuyoshi says:

    I would be inclined to take Wolf’s side of the argument, but to me, if the job has a 6-year term, that implies that whoever holds the job should survive the governor. Otherwise, why have a term at all, especially one that is longer than the governor’s term?

    I have to laugh at the supposed “amiable relations” between the governor and the legislature. Even when they’re the same party, they don’t get along. They were always going to be at war.

    • phillydem says:

      Since the state allowed gov’s to serve for 2 terms (8 yrs), only Corbett has been a 1 termer. Having a 6 yr term for open records office head doesn’t mean much. To me, the office should be headed by a full-time, non-partisan professional civil servant and advertised and filled via merit promotion.