Existing Jobs Vs. Different Jobs

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Via WESA, Pew says Pennsylvania is a leader in clean energy:

The commonwealth ranked fourth in energy- and environment-related employment in 2011 with 136,000 jobs.

“That’s a pretty impressive number, especially when you recognize that it’s comparable to other energy industries in the state,” Lubetsky said. “So it’s an important sector for sure.”

She said Pennsylvania’s policies have helped encourage growth in the clean energy industry.

The implication is that strengthening our clean energy and environmental policies wouldn’t really be a job killer on net, because one of the main beneficiaries would be other Pennsylvania companies.

The idea that climate hawk policies are bad for the state’s economy overall, in a macro sense, is stupid. The clean energy fight here isn’t really about whether climate hawk policies would be a job killer – on net, they probably wouldn’t be. The issue is about jobs for whom, and where they’re located.

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