PPP: Toomey Approval Rating Only 28%

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Rightwing Senator Pat Toomey manages to out-poll all the Democrats at this time, according to PPP’s first 2016 poll, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t vulnerable in 2016. Check out that 28% approval rating.

Four years into his first term, Toomey’s approval numbers aren’t terribly impressive. 28% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 35% who disapprove, comparable to the 31/34 spread he posted on PPP’s last poll in June. A plurality of voters- 37%- don’t have any opinion about Toomey at all. That level of anonymity with voters leaves his fate next year somewhat up to the political winds- if it’s another good year for Republicans like the last time he ran he may be alright, but if it’s a stronger Democratic year he’ll be in deep trouble.

Demographic shifts in Pennsylvania are making it harder and harder for Republicans, especially nutty rightwingers like Toomey, to win statewide elections and 2010 was probably the party’s high-water mark for a statewide race. With Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket in 2016, the Democratic candidate is going to have the wind at his/her back in this contest.

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One Response to PPP: Toomey Approval Rating Only 28%

  1. B A Seidel says:

    Toomey will certainly have the money to run. He has consistently been a tool for big business and an enemy of the middle class.