Primary Lisa Boscola

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It was true last year, and it’s truer still today: Lisa Boscola badly needs a primary challenge. Boscola is basically a Republican, has flirted with becoming a Republican, and her redrawn Senate district map opens up some space to challenge her from the left.

The latest offense is that Boscola was one of seven Senate Democrats who crossed over to vote with Republicans to preempt Philadelphia’s earned sick leave bill, and stop other local governments from stepping up where the state has failed.

The other Democrats who crossed over were John Blake, Jim Brewster, Judy Schwank, Matt Smith, John Wozniak, and John Yudichak.

Popular new Democratic Governor Tom Wolf opposes this bill and supports expanding earned sick leave across the state. None of these fake Democrats have lifted a finger to help him.

They need to get busy writing statewide paid sick leave bills, or get replaced with better Democrats who want to do that.

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One Response to Primary Lisa Boscola

  1. When did 38% (by the latest F&M poll) start to mean popular? Perhaps you can rewrite it to ” More popular than Corbett.” or “Popular amongst Democrats”