#PASen: RMU Poll Shows Toomey is Vulnerable

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This is more like it:

A recent Robert Morris University poll shows Sestak with an advantage over incumbent Sen. Pat Toomey in next year’s election.

The former congressman was supported by 34.2 percent of respondents, while Toomey took 28.5 percent of the support.

There is plenty of room and time for these numbers to change, with 37.3 percent of those polled undecided 18 months out from the election.

In statewide contests, Pennsylvania is now essentially a blue state, and that’s especially going to be true in a Presidential year where lots of people who only vote every four years come out of the woodwork. A national campaign is going to remind those mostly Democratic voters why they don’t like Republicans, and despite the media’s weird need to sanitize him, Pat Toomey has a reliable record as a movement conservative that the Democratic Senate candidate is going to be able to deploy against him effectively in a high turnout year. The fact that his solid support is only at 28.5%, with a +/- 4.5% MOE, doesn’t bode well for him.

What this also shows is that even though the national Democrats would love to find somebody–anybody!–to run against Toomey who isn’t Joe Sestak, there’s really no evidence that Sestak is particularly weak against Toomey, or that all this casting about for an alternative candidate is justified by the polling. What’s driving this is that the national party lined up behind Arlen Specter in 2010 after The Switch, Sestak beat them, and they’re still salty about it. It’s an ego thing.

(via Politics PA)

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