Scott Wagner Doubles Down on Helicopter-Based School Auditing

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In response to Wolf Press Secretary Jeff Sheridan’s suggestion that the Republican “get out of the helicopter and go visit a school,” Senator Scott Wagner is now doubling down on his claim that he can tell schools have enough state funding by looking at them from a helicopter, unloading on Sheridan with an obviously self-written letter that is as long as it is nutty.

The highlights:

“This is exactly why the citizens of York County sent me to Harrisburg,” Wagner continued. “For years they have watched these Taj-Mahal-like facilities be built while their property taxes continued to skyrocket. Taxpayers are tired of being fed PSEA union talking points to justify more and more spending. Clearly, we can see where the money we are giving them is going – to building these college-like campuses, which of course, are built using mandated prevailing wages. And let’s not forget the even bigger, yearly culprits – salaries, pensions, and benefits […]”

“I can assure Wolf administration spokesman Jeffrey Sheridan that while he viewed the helicopter trip as a political stunt, it was not,” stated Wagner. “I routinely fly several times per month by helicopter throughout Pennsylvania and have for several years, and every time I fly over a jaw-dropping public school campus my pilot and I are totally flabbergasted. Being up in the air at 2000 feet gives you a different perspective on buildings.  It would be advisable for Mr. Sheridan to learn more about me and my diverse private sector background.”

If Wagner’s argument is that very well-capitalized exurban school districts shouldn’t get more state money to build huge suburban schools on cornfields, we agree strongly on that point.

But that is not the point Wagner is making. He’s using an example of legitimate waste–state money topping up the wealthiest districts’ budgets for no apparent reason–to argue against a funding change that helps districts that really are legitimately underfunded. If Wagner wants to write a bill changing the funding formula to send more money from exurban megaschools to poor urban schools, that’d be a great bill, but that’s not what he’s saying.

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3 Responses to Scott Wagner Doubles Down on Helicopter-Based School Auditing

  1. Karel Minor says:

    What a buffoon- maybe he can fly next over Parkway Center City High School’s palatial campus and fume over the 100 car parking lot in place of athletic fields and the unfair access the lucky kids have to a tire shop sharing their school’s block.

    ps- welcome back

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  3. Reality FTW says:

    Scott Wagner is a horrible, horrible human being. That’s the main factor here.