Ed Rendell’s Been Reading His Keystone Politics

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Sounds familiar:

Did you see the movie Field of Dreams? Remember those messages Kevin Costner got? I’ve been texting him messages from that movie. “Stay the course.” “Go the distance.” “If you hold, they will fold” — my version of “If you build it, they will come.” He’s got to hang in there, and not let the tail wag the dog. The Republicans made a big deal how Governor Corbett got every budget done on time. Yeah, but they sucked!

Rendell is also making a lot of sense on alcohol reform, which he says Wolf is probably going to have to compromise on. The key is letting everybody sell everything, and letting the chips fall where they may:

There is a way to compromise on that where you could expand private sales without doing away with state stores. You give supermarkets the right to sell beer and wine. You give beer distributors the right to sell beer and wine. You give restaurants the right to sell everything on a retail basis. And leave the state stores in place. Now the state stores that aren’t very profitable will eventually go out of business, but the profitable ones will stay.

(via Billy Penn)

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