#PA161: Leanne Krueger-Braneky Win Takes Veto Override Off the Table

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Former Sustainable Business Network executive director Leanne Krueger-Braneky’s impressive victory over Paul Mullen last night on Republican turf in the 161st District special election sends a clear signal that Delaware County voters are unhappy with their Republican state representatives’ behavior during the PA budget standoff.

They want the suburban Republicans to support Tom Wolf’s legislative priorities, which they ran on. In 2014, Republicans did everything they could to communicate their support for a liberal agenda, doing everything from leaving their party affiliation off their mailers, supporting a severance tax on natural gas, and promising to restore the 2011-2014 Republican cuts to education.

Many Democratic voters split their tickets to vote for those Republicans, believing their campaign promises, and now those representatives are failing to deliver. Once in office, they did a 180 on the voters, and have been putting partisan politics ahead of the campaign promises they made.

Republican Paul Mullen ran the exact same play from that playbook in the special election in the 161st, trying to repeat the trick his colleagues played.

Voters weren’t buying it though. They are tired of fake liberal Republicans saying one thing on the campaign trail, and then not doing it in office.

That’s why they sent a real Democrat, Leanne Krueger-Braneky, to go get the job done in Harrisburg for real.

That should send a strong message to other collar county Republicans that the voters mean business, and the same fate could await them if they don’t deliver on their campaign promises.

And it should also put to rest the Republican leadership’s silly fantasy of winning a veto override vote against Tom Wolf. None of those suburban Republicans are going to vote for a veto override now.

The only option left at this point is for Republican leadership to abandon the “majority of the majority” practice that’s holding things up, take the Tea People out of the driver’s seat, and let the suburban Republicans negotiate with the Democrats so we can actually get a deal done.

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7 Responses to #PA161: Leanne Krueger-Braneky Win Takes Veto Override Off the Table

  1. phillydem says:

    If negotiations were up to Dave Reed in the state house, there’d be progress toward a budget, except Turzai won’t budge from his rightwing agenda.

    But, I agree some lemmings won’t be quite so interested in following Turzai over the cliff now.

  2. Mike Mayer says:

    The Dems won yesterday and kudos to them and their hard campaigning but I wouldn’t read too much into it. The Reps turned out in greater numbers and outvoted the Dems but split their votes giving the victory to Ms. Krueger-Braneky. She may have been elected more based on republicans unhappiness with their own party nominating a middle ground Republican than anything else.

  3. Based on your logic the Special Election, by write in vote no less, of Sen Wagner would mean all sorts of things it didn’t really mean. This is no different. You can’t predict what entire areas are going to do by one election of one person.

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  5. steventodd says:

    Republican Lisa Esler ran a write in and took 10% of the vote…almost certainly from the balloted Republican, who lost by 6%. That would seem to be the rest of the story here.

    Best luck to Braneky, and this Dem wishes her the best. But it hardly sounds like a mandate from her electorate – who still voted 52% to 48% for GOP candidates.

  6. phillydem says:

    Or, based on the mailings, you could say 90% of the voters supported Wolf’s main agenda.

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