Republicans Pass Corbett Budget Stop-Gap on Party-Line Vote. Wolf Will Veto It.

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Republican lawmakers in Harrisburg are hearing from schools, social service providers, and non-profits in their districts that they should stop posturing and make a deal with Tom Wolf on a budget already. That entails releasing moderate Southeasterners to make a deal with Wolf and the Democrats, and throwing the right wing of the party to the wayside.

Republican leadership isn’t ready to face the music just yet though, and this week they made a last ditch effort to try to shift the blame onto Wolf by passing a stop-gap budget that Wolf is sure to veto.

The stop-gap they’re pushing is not only filled with gimmicks and fake accounting, but delivers on exactly zero of the three priorities Wolf ran and won on: a Marcellus Shale severance tax that’s comparable with other gas-producing states, a restoration of the Republicans’ education cuts from the last four years, and local property tax relief. In other words, it’s a fifth Corbett budget.

So far, Democrats aren’t biting. The stop-gap passed the legislature on a party-line vote with zero Democratic support. Now is the time to call up your Democratic reps, tell them to hold tight, and don’t listen to fake Democrats like Peter Daley who endorsed Tom Corbett and still loves his budgets.

Philly Rep. Jordan Harris is exactly right. A vote for the stop-gap is a vote to bail out Republicans politically so they don’t have to listen to the voices in their districts telling them to cave.

Rep. Jordan Harris, D-Philadelphia, said the short-term bill was simply a “bailout” that would temporarily relieve pressure on Republicans to compromise.

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4 Responses to Republicans Pass Corbett Budget Stop-Gap on Party-Line Vote. Wolf Will Veto It.

  1. It will be interesting to see how the polling goes if and when Wolf vetoes the stopgap. It isn’t the legislature being sued for holding things up after all..

  2. Jim Willis says:

    Really? I heard that schools, social service providers and non-profits are telling Wolf to quit being an obstinate jerk and sign the Republicans’ common sense budget proposal that RAISES funding for schools–without a severance tax.

  3. phillydem says:

    Your republican friends are like the little kids who throw tantrums and threaten to hold their breath until they turn blue. I suppose after a few more months of pouting and fit throwing, they’ll figure out Gov Wolf, who was elected by a large majority of Pennsylvanians on a very specific platform, is serious about implementing his agenda.