PA Budget: House Republicans vs. The World

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Via Charles Thompson:

Pennsylvania House Republicans abandoned the fragile state budget “framework” Saturday after members told caucus leaders they could not support the roughly $2 billion in new taxes needed to pay for it.

Republicans said they will start work Sunday on a smaller, $30.3 billion plan, that cuts a projected increase in funding for public schools from $350 million to $150 million, and contains no changes to the state sales or income taxes.

The move was a clear setback for a $30.8 billion deal that legislative leaders and Gov. Tom Wolf have been working on since Nov. 9, but most other parties refused to declare that deal dead last night.

Wolf, as he climbed into his Jeep to leave the Capitol Complex Saturday evening, said he was “still committed to the framework.”

This is not a politically sustainable position. Before, it was relatively easy for anyone not paying too close of attention to believe that all parties were equally to blame for the budget stand-off. Everybody should compromise more!

But the fact that you now have the Senate Republicans and Tom Wolf ready to make a deal sends a strong message that the right wing is to blame for any continued delays. If the House Republicans would just take the same position as the Senate Republicans, we’d have a budget. It’s on them now.

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