PA Budget Would Still Derail Oil and Gas Regs, Clean Power Plan

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The PA budget framework advanced by the House yesterday still contains language derailing conventional oil and gas drilling regulations pending approval by the Department of Environmental Protection, reports Dave Hess.

Provisions related to giving the General Assembly extra time to review Pennsylvania’s plan for meeting EPA’s Clean Power Climate Rule, killing the conventional oil and gas regulations on the verge of being finalized by DEP, a $12 million Natural Gas Infrastructure Development Fund were put back into the bill by the House, $22 million for small water and wastewater project funding for the Commonwealth Financing Authority.

Tom Wolf stopped short of saying that he would veto this, which raises the question of whether some polluter grift got horse-traded for Republican budget votes.

To recap, this rule-writing process was started under the Corbett administration, and legislative Republicans voted for it. It’s had a lengthy and thorough public review process, and is very close to becoming the law of the land.

But now it is also very close to getting scratched for no good reason, thanks to some sketchy amendments that randomly turned up over the summer, were briefly removed, and then recently got put back in again.

Your move, Governor.

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