Will Tom Wolf Veto Fiscal Code Amendments Derailing Oil and Gas Rules?

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A quick update from Dave Hess:

PennLive.com reported late Thursday Gov. Wolf opposes loading up the Fiscal Code to gut oil and gas regulations or slow implementation of the EPA Clean Power Climate Plan, according to his spokesperson Jeff Sheridan.

“The governor is committed to the Clean Power Plan, which is an important opportunity to reduce emissions and combat climate change, and ensuring proper oversight of the oil and gas industry with the Chapter 78 process,” he added.

A veto of the fiscal code is a possibility, according to the Governor’s Office.

Wolf’s spokesman Jeff Sheridan stops short of saying Wolf will veto the Fiscal Code amendments, so they probably need voters to keep pushing them. This story has kept gaining traction on social media through the weekend, so they’re probably going to have to take a firm position at some point.

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