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  1. Rebecca Kauffman says:

    In a recent article published in Central Penn Business Journal, the issue of “right to work” & Union representation is discussed. Mr. Matt Wagner of the Cumberland County-based Pennsylvanians for Right to Work Inc. states that “right to work” is “something that the people want”. Mr. Wagner may have only interviewed non-union employees and non-uniobn retired employees because I’m sure if he interviewed both sides on the issue he may have gotten an education on what well run unions really do for their members and company owners. He would have found that unions bargain for the workers wages and benefits. They train in safety and produce qualified, productive workers. Mr. Charles Greenawalt II of Susquehanna Valley Center for Public Policy recalls in the article when he was the director of economic development for Green County, Va, a (righ to work state) ,that “combined with lower wages and less regulation, companmies were moving there constantly”. In fact the “right to work” as it has been mistitled, is actually the right to work for less. As Mr. Greenawalt said, the wages in “right to work states” are lower. The healthcare and retirement benefits are lower or even non-existant. The proponants of “right to work” should also research how many people have to resort to public assistance to help pay for food and health care when their wages are low. Anyone in favor of “right to work for less” is likely a business person, CEO or politician who all make a wage over and above any union worker. They also have access to excellent health care benefits and in some cases even after they retire. Shame on those who look out only for their selves. Thank you, Rebecca Kauffman

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