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New PA Budget: Robbing From the Poor to Give to the Rich, the Reverse Robin Hood Republicans

The new 2013-2014 state budget was signed into law by Republican Governor Tom Corbett on June 30. I’ve said before that budget choices are moral choices, and now, using analysis from the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, I’m going to … More after the jump

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New Fracking Deregulation Used Immediately by Corporation That Lobbied For It to Sue PA Families

A new deregulation of natural gas drilling that PA Republicans recently enacted allows drilling leases to be pooled for fracking as long as the leases don’t specifically prohibit pooling. This is a lot worse than it might sound because most … More after the jump

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The Issue is Media Consumers Knowing What They’re Getting

I agree with almost all of Jon’s follow-up to my post about PA Independent. I could not possibly agree more that journalists who are allegedly unbiased frequently wind up framing issues improperly because of their compulsion to not seem to … More after the jump

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Keystone Progress Proves PA Independent is a Right-Wing Farce – Not News

A new bombshell report by Keystone Progress, Pennsylvania’s largest progressive advocacy group, has released a report revealing that PA Independent, a widely cited source of supposedly unbiased state political news, is really a conservative advocacy group posing as such to … More after the jump

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Federal Cuts to Food Assistance to Increase Hunger in PA Even As Farmers Markets Access Expands

A new report co-released by the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, Public Citizens for Children and Youth, Just Harvest, and the Coalition Against Hunger shows that a major cut in the federal food assistance program set to take effect this … More after the jump

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PA Sues Montco Over LGBT Marriage Licenses, Mayors Marry Couples with Licenses

Last month, Montgomery County Register of Wills D. Bruce Hanes began giving out the first marriage licenses to LGBT couples in Pennsylvania history. Now, the PA Department of Health under the direction of anti-equal rights Republican Governor Tom Corbett is … More after the jump

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Bayard Rustin: PA Native, Unsung Hero of the 1963 March on Washington, Lifelong Activist

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was held on August 28, 1963. One year before LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act and two years before he signed the Voting Rights Act, over a quarter million people marched from … More after the jump

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PA AG Kathleen Kane (D) Will Defend Voter ID in Court

Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane earned my praise last week for saying she will not defend the state’s marriage equality ban in an upcoming court battle, but she also warrants some ridicule for her position on Pennsylvania’s voter ID … More after the jump

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Protesters Rage Against Marriage Licenses Given to LGBT Couples in Montgomery County

Last week, Montgomery County Pro-Life Coalition President Michael McMonagle rallied his anti-equal rights troops outside the Montgomery County Courthouse to protest the county’s register of wills recently giving out the first marriage licenses to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples … More after the jump

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Conservative Policy Analyst Insists Medicaid Expansion Would Be “Immoral”

In June I posted a Keystone Politics blog about a policy analyst for the conservative think tank the Commonwealth Foundation saying in a letter to the editor published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that it would not be moral to allow … More after the jump

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