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PA Budget Would Still Derail Oil and Gas Regs, Clean Power Plan

The PA budget framework advanced by the House yesterday still contains language derailing conventional oil and gas drilling regulations pending approval by the Department of Environmental Protection, reports Dave Hess. Provisions related to giving the General Assembly extra time to … More after the jump

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Will Tom Wolf Veto Fiscal Code Amendments Derailing Oil and Gas Rules?

A quick update from Dave Hess: reported late Thursday Gov. Wolf opposes loading up the Fiscal Code to gut oil and gas regulations or slow implementation of the EPA Clean Power Climate Plan, according to his spokesperson Jeff Sheridan. … More after the jump

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PA GOP Using Budget to Derail Traditional Oil and Gas Regulations

Did some big environmental setbacks just get horse-traded for Republican budget votes? A Fiscal Code amendment that randomly showed up over the summer, which would effectively derail the Department of Environmental Protection’s ongoing process for writing new traditional oil and … More after the jump

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PA GOP Won’t Disinvite Trump from PA Society Fundraiser

Everybody in the Republican Party is making official statements denouncing Donald Trump for calling for a total ban on Muslim immigration, but the proof is in the pudding. Tom Fitzgerald reports that Donald Trump is still a welcome guest at … More after the jump

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PA Budget: House Republicans vs. The World

Via Charles Thompson: Pennsylvania House Republicans abandoned the fragile state budget “framework” Saturday after members told caucus leaders they could not support the roughly $2 billion in new taxes needed to pay for it. Republicans said they will start work … More after the jump

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New FAST Act Pilot Could Let PA Collect I-80 Toll Revenue

The new FAST Act transportation funding bill signed by President Obama contains a pilot allowing up to three states to toll their interstates, so it’s time for the Wolf administration to resubmit our request to toll I-80. From Governing Magazine: Federal … More after the jump

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PA GOP Choosing a Worse Overall State Business Climate Over a Severance Tax on Marcellus Shale Coalition

The latest reports seem to suggest there is once again some fragile agreement on a state budget framework, but in case it isn’t finalized yet, everybody really needs to step back and reflect on how insane the legislative Republicans’ revealed … More after the jump

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State Agency-Crippling Bill Heads to a Vote in the Senate Rules Committee Today

When we last left the IRRC bill Republicans cooked up to completely defang Executive branch rule-making, it had passed the House on close to a party-line vote, and has now headed back to the Senate. Laura Legere at the Post-Gazette brought … More after the jump

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#HB965 Update: Tom Wolf Opposes Crippling State Agency Regulatory Authority

A few updates on this turd of a bill since last night. Not surprisingly, Tom Wolf officially opposes new Executive branch agency regulations disappearing into the legislative purgatory of Republican-controlled committees before going to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission. Wolf needs 68 House … More after the jump

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PA Republican Bill Up for a Vote Today Would Gut State Agencies’ Rule-Making Authority

If you’ve been sitting there thinking “I hope the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania never passes any new protections for worker safety, food safety, or air and water quality ever again” have PA Republicans got a bill for you! Up for a … More after the jump

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