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The Single Biggest Problem With the Harrisburg Draft Zoning Plan

There is a lot to like about the city of Harrisburg’s new draft zoning plan. Raised height limits, lowered parking requirements, ease of administration, and the expansion of the downtown. There is one problem though which overshadows all of the rest -The … More after the jump

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Harrisburg’s Draft Zoning Plan’s Best Changes

There is a renewed push in city hall to pass a significant zoning code overhaul and I am really happy to hear it. The current code, after being amended 31 times between it’s adoption in 1950 and now, was explained to be, by city planner Geoffrey Knight, appearing … More after the jump

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Takeaways From the Harrisburg Area’s New Transportation Spending Plan

The Harrisburg Area Transportation Study Coordinating Committee’s list of approved projects were released last week. Major projects on the 2015-2018 TIP include, but are not limited to: • $146.5 million in roadway projects, including signal improvements, resurfacing and safety improvements  • $120.7 … More after the jump

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Independent Voters Need to Stop Whining About Primaries and Register the Party They Probably Already Agree With 99% of the Time

This is the time of year when every non-party registered, Independent-registered, voter whines about having to pay for the primaries. On Tuesday in PA, if you’re politically independent, you’re forced to pay for an election you can’t vote it: — Matt … More after the jump

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This is Why Property Taxes Are Going Up in Camp Hill

In Camp Hill, property taxes may go up.  The district’s roughly $19.8 million proposed budget for the 2014-15 school year, which was reviewed by the school board on Monday, is about 10 percent greater than this year’s budget and contains a gap … More after the jump

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Republicans Respond to Emergency Responder Shortage by Cutting Emergency Responder Benefits

In the face of what State Fire Commissioner Edward Mannis is calling a serious shortage of emergency responders House Republicans are looking at making some “hard choices”, and considering cutting future responders benefits and curtailing current ones. The plan would cut benefits for … More after the jump

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#SD28: Active Dems in York/Harrisburg Need to Go Volunteer for Linda Small

I don’t know what you are doing this weekend but this is what you should be doing. If you haven’t heard, Republicans are killing each other to get after Mike Waugh’s open State Senate seat in York county. Tea party … More after the jump

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Patriot-News Uncovers Glut of Severely Undervalued Property in Most US Cities

Last week Emily Previti worked up a great data driven parking piece for Harrisburg’s P/N. Her conclusions were: · Harrisburg’s new ticket costs seem high. Harrisburg’s old $14 expired meter fine ranked 32nd; the new $30 fine ranks 11th.  Scranton, an Act … More after the jump

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