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Jake Sternberger has been a contributing writer at Keystone Politics since 2011. Sternberger primarily covers campaigns and elections, drawing from his experience working on municipal, county, congressional, and statewide PA races doing field, communications, and campaign management. He is currently a law student. Email: Twitter: @JakeSternberger

How Tom Wolf’s 20 Point Lead on Tom Corbett Could Grow Even Larger

In the first round of post-primary polling pitting Tom Wolf head-to-head against Governor Tom Corbett, Wolf has both a 20 point lead and is above 50 percent. If Wolf can maintain his momentum, he would be poised to beat Corbett … More after the jump

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Planned Parenthood PA Supports the Republican Version of VAWA

“Even Planned Parenthood supports the Republican version of VAWA.” That’s what Republicans can now say thanks to Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania. In what was either the worst-researched or most politically reckless mailer of the primary election cycle, Planned Parenthood PA’s political … More after the jump

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Bob Guzzardi is Back, and He’s Mad as Hell

Longtime conservative donor/activist/loudspeaker Bob Guzzardi, who the PA Supreme Court struck from the ballot for governor against Tom Corbett in the Republican primary election, has finally emerged from the shadows and made his gallant return to the PoliticsPA comment section. … More after the jump

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Susan Corbett’s Six-Page Hand-Written Plea for Money

If you think those five paragraph fundraising emails asking for $10, $25, or $50 dollars are overly-long and a little pushy, try opening an envelope with six full hand-written pages of personal correspondence asking for $5,000, $3,750, or $2,500. That’s … More after the jump

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Comment Section Standoff: No, Mike Stack’s Record is Not “Nearly Flawless”

Via the comment section, lieutenant governor candidate Mike Stack’s campaign manager Marty Marks has taken issue with two Keystone Politics articles—one on Stack’s statement last week that he would publicly disagree with our gubernatorial candidate, and the other on Stack’s … More after the jump

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Mike Stack on the Gov Ticket is a Serious Gamble

After spending more than $600,000 on ads promoting his lieutenant governor campaign, State Senator Mike Stack has made gains in the polls and is now in a statistical tie for first place. But should Stack make it into the #2 … More after the jump

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Mark Critz Makes His Geographical Case for Lieutenant Governor

On the heels of State Senator Mike Stack’s statement that he would publicly disagree with the Democratic Governor if he was elected Lieutenant Governor, former Congressman Mark Critz’s campaign has released a new web video saying there’s only one map … More after the jump

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Former Governor Mark Singel Endorses Tom Wolf

JOHNSTOWN—Tom Wolf has added yet another major endorsement to the Wolf Pack, this time from Pennsylvania’s only ever Acting Governor, Mark Singel. Singel served as Lieutenant Governor under Governor Bob Casey and then Acting Governor for six months while Casey … More after the jump

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McGinty’s Star Has Only Just Begun to Rise

Despite her modest showing in the gubernatorial polls, former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty has shown she’s a skilled candidate that Pennsylvania Democrats should keep high on their political roster in the future. McGinty, who has never run for elected office … More after the jump

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Stack Says He’s as Good as the Gov Candidates, Would Publicly Disagree with Them

During an interview Wednesday with WITF’s Scott LaMar, lieutenant governor candidate Mike Stack, currently a State Senator, said that he is not only as good as any of the top-of-the-ticket candidates for governor, but that he wouldn’t be shy about … More after the jump

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