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Justice Department Eyeing Up PA Voter ID Law

Voter ID laws sound pretty reasonable on their face: stop people from voting illegally. I agree with this noble motive. But I disagree with the effects of these laws. It looks like the Department of Justice may feel the same … More after the jump

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Remedies for a Scranton in Distress

A few weeks ago, I posted Recovery Plan proposals for the city of Scranton. Since then, our city has achieved national fame as a total failure, so I thought it time to revisit the issue. Scranton’s crisis has been a … More after the jump

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Teacher Evaluation Change No Good

This year’s budget contains a change in the way teachers are evaluated, going from a basic “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory” based on certain performance indicators to a system that splits performance with student test performance. A full 50% of a teacher’s evaluation will … More after the jump

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Tax Credit May Replace School Vouchers, Still a Bad Idea

As per this article from the PA Independent, there’s a movement in the state House to replace vouchers with a tax credit. For those not following, vouchers would be payments given to parents who can then pay tuition at private … More after the jump

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Legislation Proposed to Regulate Charter Schools

The Pennsylvania Republican Party, with the aid of such bought-and-paid-for State Senators like Democrat Anthony Williams, has been vehemently pro-charter school, particularly with Governor Tom Corbett riding that bandwagon.  Given this, I was surprised to see Republican State Rep. Mike … More after the jump

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