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Amateur Hour With NorCo Executive John Brown

Former Bangor Mayor John Brown pulled out a surprise win over a well-funded rising Democratic star, former Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan, in this November’s Northampton County Executive race, and now that he’s in office homeboy plainly has no clue WTF … More after the jump

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Munipocalypse 2013: A Mostly Good Night for Progressives

Yesterday’s municipal elections were a pretty good night for progressives on the whole, but before we get to the good stuff, let’s rip off the band-aid and get the bad news out of the way first. The Bad In an … More after the jump

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Lehigh Tea Party Commissioner Tom Creighton Compares Same-Sex Partners to Pets

This is what passes for an argument in tea people occupied Lehigh County these days. This chucklehead is up for reelection in November. Donate to his opponent District 1 Council candidate Bill Leiner, and also County Executive candidate Tom Muller … More after the jump

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