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MAP: How to Take Over Your Philadelphia Ward With Write-In Candidates

The city of Philadelphia is not very forthcoming with information about the ward system, and it’s actually surprisingly difficult to get a simple list of Democratic committeepeople in each division. There are supposed to be two Democratic committeepeople in each … More after the jump

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What We Really Need Is Another White Guy From Northeast Philly To Weigh In On These Issues

Said no progressive ever.

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Bob Brady’s Base Is Going Down Rico-Style

Via Neema Roshania: According to an indictment unsealed on Tuesday, 10 members of Ironworkers Local 401 were charged with “allegedly participating in a conspiracy to commit criminal acts of extortion, arson, destruction of property, and assault, in order to force … More after the jump

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Cities Actually Have a Lot of Control Over Climate Change

I wrote about the C40 Cities initiatve at Next City a couple weeks back, and now Atlantic Cities has a piece up with some cool charts showing how much power Mayors around the world feel they have over key local … More after the jump

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#PHL2015: How Ori Feibush Can Win District 2 With Green Messaging

Since Ori Feibush is a political candidate for the District 2 Council seat, naturally we have to start looking at everything he does from here on out through a political lens. So I thought this was an interesting choice of emphasis … More after the jump

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Philly Councilman Jim Kenney Wants to Give People Tickets for Marijuana, Not Arrest Them

The question of whether the federal government will crack down on Washington and Colorado marijuana’s state-legalized marijuana businesses is an interesting one mainly because of how it will impact the supply chain and marijuana prices, but it’s important to understand … More after the jump

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The Conservative Wing of the Labor Movement Loves Philly School Privatization

Christopher Sawyer asks why Johnny Doc and the IBEW, who are usually very vocal on all union-related issues in Southeast PA regardless of the impact on the construction trades, have been MIA in the major labor fight over privatization of … More after the jump

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Broad Street Only Has Crazy Traffic Because Philadelphia City Government Wants It To

Randy LoBasso followed up with Andrew Stober of the Mayor’s Office on Transportation and Utilities about the idea to put dedicated bike lanes on Broad Street. Andrew’s a great guy, and MOTU is one of the lonely bulwarks of progressive policymaking in … More after the jump

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Darrell Clarke Trying to Manufacture Community Opposition to Broadly-Supported Land Bank Bill

This post may be immediately obsolete because there may be some kind of a deal now, but it’s still worth engaging with Philly Council President Darrell Clarke’s view on the land bank bill since he’s a candidate for Mayor in 2015, … More after the jump

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