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#PA6: Obvious Thing Happens

The job little Jiminy Gerlach has been trying out for this whole time is finally his. In Congress, he fought against health insurance expansion and for unaffordable corporate tax breaks. And now he’ll get paid a whole lot more to do … More after the jump

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Your Crow Sandwich, Mr. Fitzpatrick

Mark Kleiman: Any pundit or politician who helped promote the Benghazi! hoax, and who doesn’t fully retract and apologize now that a Republican-dominated House committee has fully debunked all the accusations against the Administration other than having paid attention to … More after the jump

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Weird Arguments About Democrats and the South

What is with this urge to invent alternative theories to white working class blowback over the Civil Rights Act as an explanation for the total Republican takeover of the South? That’s what it was!

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PA Congressional Delegation Total Sausage Party Now

We have to do better.

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Why You Have to Vote in the Midterms

Jonathan Tamari explains why the House tea people now representing the moderate Southeast PA ‘burbs won’t ever pay a price at the polls: While the focus is on November’s races, critical House contests in the Philadelphia region may have been most influenced by … More after the jump

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#PA3: Mike Kelly: Everything Basically Terrorism Now

When the usual predictable messaging on environmental regulations fails to resonate with voters, what’s a Republican Congressman to do? Use harsher and nuttier words to make the same point: “You talk about terrorism — you can do it in a … More after the jump

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PA Legislators Accept Free Vacations with Ethics Committee Approval

Over the weekend, the AP released a report detailing privately funded trips which were taken by members of the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation on the dime of special interests groups.  The amount of trips taken by PA members has increased substantially … More after the jump

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#PA8: Fitzpatrick the Moderate? Not so much.

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick’s campaign website is all about the concept of political “moderation.” That’s probably because PA-8, the district he represents, is a swing district that President Obama carried in ’08 and ’12, with an 11,759 democratic voter registration advantage … More after the jump

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#PA11: Lou Barletta Floats Obama Impeachment

They’re all David Brat now: “He’s just absolutely ignoring the Constitution, and ignoring the laws, and ignoring the checks and balances,” Barletta said. “The problem is, you know, what do you do? For those that say impeach him for breaking … More after the jump

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What Progressives Should Learn From Dave Brat’s Inspiring Defeat of Eric Cantor

(Cross-posted from Primary Colors) Getting past the gleeful schadenfreude we’re all enjoying this morning, the big takeaway from no-name economics professor Dave Brat’s defeat of House Republican second-in-command Eric Cantor in VA-7 is that the Tea Party has been great at … More after the jump

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