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#PA15: Fix the Debt Gives Fiscal Arsonist Charlie Dent a “Fiscal Hero” Award

One of the reasons Fix the Debt is probably the most evil group in Washington today is that they exist to give political cover to people who don’t deserve it. Here’s a blast from the recent past: You know who … More after the jump

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The Worst Primary Night for PA Progressives in Recent Memory

A longer post on The True Meaning of the Election is forthcoming at Philly Mag, but here’s a quick wrap-up post. On balance, with the exception of the Wolf win, God damn that was a dark election night! If I hadn’t … More after the jump

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The Keystone Politics Sample Ballot for the 2014 Primary Elections

Here are Keystone Politics’s top picks for progressive candidates running in tomorrow’s primaries. These are the races we’ve been watching, but there are obviously way more than this out there. If there is another race you think people should be … More after the jump

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Chart: Margolies Campaign Tapping Their #PA13 General Election Money Before They Can Legally Do That

As Adam Bonin points out, the Marjorie Margolies campaign has reported raising $172,588.92 for the general election, but they do not have $172,588.92 in cash-on-hand. By definition, this means they’ve been tapping into their general election funds during the primary. This is illegal. … More after the jump

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#TheStump: Shaughnessy Naughton – congressional candidate in the #PA8

Voters in the Eighth District need a Representative who will move away from the do-nothing politics of Congressman Fitzpatrick, and towards an agenda that gets people back to work, helps struggling middle class families and strengthen our communities. I’m running … More after the jump

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#TheStump: Kevin Strouse – congressional candidate in the #PA8

My name is Kevin Strouse, and I’m running to be the congressperson from the 8th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.  I appreciate this opportunity from Keystone Politics to explain a bit about where I’ve come from, how those experiences shaped me, … More after the jump

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#PA13: #Boyleing With Brendan Boyle

Daylin Leach’s campaign caught the building trades SuperPAC #Boyleing – pulling the same trick Mitch McConnell did where the official campaign releases silent footage of the candidate doing stuff, and then the SuperPAC overdubs the audio to complete the ad, … More after the jump

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#PA13: Marjorie Margolies Fundraiser Host: “Sarah Palin Has Exactly the Right Message for Women”

If this doesn’t make the choice in the 13th District primary stark enough for you, I don’t know what will. The Baroness Lynn Forester de Rothschild is hosting a fundraiser for Marjorie Margolies at her New York City home on … More after the jump

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#PA13: Roe v. Wade “Supporter” Brendan Boyle Co-Sponsored ALEC-Style Bill Clear-Cutting Abortion Clinics

Sometimes you just have to step back and appreciate a great political strategy. Americans United for Life has this “admitting privileges” bill that they shop around to states via their legislation factory, which requires all abortion clinics to be within … More after the jump

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#PA13: The Margolies FEC Complaint – What We Know So Far

Here’s a synopsis of what has occurred so far with the alleged Margolies FEC violations: This past Saturday, I sent an email to a staffer at the Margolies congressional campaign, inquiring about their campaign finances. It didn’t seem like she … More after the jump

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