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MAP: How to Primary More Democrats Without Losing General Elections

Every election season touches off a debate between more risk-averse Democratic Party operatives and campaign professionals and less risk-averse progressive activists over the wisdom of launching primary challenges to sitting members of Congress. ┬áThe operatives wince at primaries to sitting … More after the jump

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PA GOP’s Lincoln Day Keynote Speaker Dismisses Dawn Zimmer as a “Lady Mayor”

As if you needed any more evidence that Pennsylvania Republicans think they’re governing Mississippi, here’s a gem from Boss Hogg Haley Barbour, who’s keynoting their Lincoln Day dinner on January 31: Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) shrugged off the … More after the jump

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Toomey Admits Breaching the Borrowing Limit Could Cause a Depression, Wants to Do It Anyway

Colby Itkowitz’s tone in this piece seems to suggest she has finally figured out that Pat Toomey is completely wrong about the “payment prioritization” fantasy: Sen. Pat Toomey is willing to call the White House’s bluff on default, which he … More after the jump

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Pat Toomey’s Shutdown Vacation

Why did Pat Toomey close 6 out of 7 offices when some House members kept theirs open? He’s allowed to decide which aides are necessary (Tim Murphy, for example, thinks all his aides are necessary) but Toomey apparently decided to … More after the jump

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Obama’s Finally Doing It Right on the Debt Ceiling

Ezra Klein says Obama and the Democrats are finally doing what they should’ve been doing in 2011: not negotiating on the debt ceiling. Obama wants to raise the debt ceiling and John Boehner agrees. There is nothing to negotiate about. … More after the jump

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