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Graham Spanier Complaint Accuses Frank Fina of “Blatant Violation” of Spanier’s Attorney-Client Privilege

From the Legal Intelligencer’s report on former Penn State President Graham Spanier’s lawsuit against Kathleen Kane, which tries to get the charges against him dropped: The complaint focuses on Fina’s actions during the grand jury testimony sessions of Spanier and … More after the jump

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#BlingSting: What If Frank Fina Just Wants Cover For Botched Sandusky Investigation?

The most important thing to know about the fake controversy over Kathleen Kane’s decision to drop the unprosecuteable Corbett AG sting targeting black Philadelphia Democratic elected officials doesn’t appear until quite far into Thomas Fitzgerald’s Sunday piece: Kane’s troubles give … More after the jump

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In Defense of PA’s “Broken” Campaign Finance System

I don’t entirely disagree with Colleen’s post earlier today on using the proposed gift ban legislation to further foment campaign finance reform in Pennsylvania. However, I do think that there are under-appreciated aspects Pennsylvania’s “wild west” system of funding campaigns. … More after the jump

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Should the PA gift ban be accompanied by real campaign finance reform?

Politicians have been jumping on the bandwagon to create new laws in the wake of Attorney General Kane’s “scandalous” handling of a government corruption case, but do their attempts for reform go far enough? As it stands, corporate and union … More after the jump

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Luke Ravenstahl’s Lawyer Unveils Greatest. Excuse. Ever.

What on Earth! Imagine getting paid to say stuff like this with a straight face: Mr. Ravenstahl referred comment to his attorney, Charles Porter, who said the former mayor took the computer because he was concerned the Peduto administration would … More after the jump

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VIDEO: Evidence of Voter Intimidation By Margo Davidson Ahead of #HD164 Endorsement Vote

The Delaware County Democratic Committee held their annual endorsement convention on Thursday, and it was not without controversy. There have been allegations of voter intimidation by State Representative Margo Davidson and her campaign manager, Shannon Marietta, which impact the validity … More after the jump

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Captain Obvious Blogging: State Takeover No Guarantee of Technocratic Leadership

Reading these two articles together this morning it’s clear that state takeovers of local government functions don’t always result in better management for the obvious reason that the state’s grifters, ideologues, and idiots are frequently no more virtuous, intelligent, or … More after the jump

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Rep. Lou Barletta an Example of Republican Hypocrisy on Debt

According to an article by James Buckley and Paul Gaige of The Atlas Project, Congressman Lou Barletta provides a prime example of the debt that Republicans don’t want to talk about: their own campaign finances. The article does not say … More after the jump

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AFSCME President Compares Philly Mayor Nutter’s “Bullshit” Union-Busting to Walker, Kasich, & Snyder

AFSCME President Lee Saunders did not pull any punches this morning at AFSCME’s 2013 Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. In front of more than 600 AFSCME members, Saunders railed against Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, comparing Nutter to anti-labor Republican Governors … More after the jump

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The Best Argument for Public Financing of Campaigns

Ryan Grim and Sabrina Siddiqui: For an incoming member of Congress still basking in the glow of electoral victory, it’s a message that hits those in both parties hard — the most direct indication that time in the people’s chamber … More after the jump

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