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#PAGOV: GOP’s attack on Wolf is pretty weak

I don’t want this piece to be misconstrued as my official public support of Tom Wolf, but as I was reading Politics PA’s piece the other night about the recent attack by the PA GOP on Wolf’s business record, I had to … More after the jump

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#PAGov: McCord Calls for a 10% Severance Tax

This is more like it. Rob  McCord’s 10% severance tax is twice what Allyson Schwartz proposed, and is much more in line with what the “Saudi Arabia” of natural gas should be charging. The McCord campaign estimates that the new levy would … More after the jump

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Conspicuous Natural Gas Product Placement on Meet the Press

Those of us who reluctantly watch television news programs, despite their corporate undertones, know that the natural gas lobby spends a pretty penny to advertise their product. That’s expected, but it was disconcerting to see product placement wend its way … More after the jump

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Graphic: Puny Republican “Impact Fee” Left a Quarter Billion Dollars on the Table Last Year

West Virginia – which no one would mistake for a liberal or environmentalist utopia – has a 5% severance tax on fracking. Tom Corbett keeps saying our Commonwealth is broke, but he also calls Pennsylvania the Saudi Arabia of natural … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Corbett DEP Wants to Use Radioactive Fracking Waste Crystals as Road Salt

This is what happens when your Republican Governor picks a Department of Environmental Protection head who doesn’t believe in protecting the environment: Given the Corbett administration’s track record, this plan by the state Department of Environmental Protection is alarming. The state Department … More after the jump

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Cities Actually Have a Lot of Control Over Climate Change

I wrote about the C40 Cities initiatve at Next City a couple weeks back, and now Atlantic Cities has a piece up with some cool charts showing how much power Mayors around the world feel they have over key local … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Who Will Promise to Prevent the Next Spilladelphia?

In addition to unregulated coal ash basins, somebody should ask the Democratic candidates for Governor about whether freight trains carrying crude oil should be allowed to travel through big population centers. We seriously almost had an oil spill in the … More after the jump

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Another Huge Environmental Issue Ignored in #PAGov Sustainability Forum

Coal fly ash is a radioactive and extremely dangerous material, but one of the most frustrating things I know about is that there are no federal regulations governing its storage or transport, because coal companies still rule our politics. That … More after the jump

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#PAGov Candidates Ignoring the Biggest Environmental Issue

Sprawl: Candidates have taken some conflicting positions on demand-side issues. A few, notably Schwartz, touted their support for “sustainable communities.” All, however, tripped over themselves to endorse the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s recent decision overturning a law regulating natural gas drilling, … More after the jump

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Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund: The Left’s Nullification Cranks

One of the most evil organizations working in PA politics today isn’t a right wing group but a left wing group called the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. They go around trying to get different municipalities to adopt a Community … More after the jump

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