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LGBT Rights Battle on PA House Floor; New Marriage Equality Bill to be Introduced

When the federal Defense of Marriage Act which banned recognition of marriage equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans under federal laws was recently struck down as unconstitutionally discriminatory by the US Supreme Court, a Democratic state representative who … More after the jump

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Over 50% of Pennsylvanians Support Real Marriage Equality

Straight from the new F&M poll today: That means, generally speaking, Pennsylvanians “generally” support marriage equality, 54-41 (up two points from last month) — while Pennsylvanians specifically support a PA constitutional amendment to legalize marriage for same-sex couples, 53-43 (up 11 … More after the jump

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I’m sure Mike Fleck is very grateful to Senator John Eichelberger for continuing to allow him to exist. Hopefully the experience of actually knowing some gay people will help moderate the views of some of the more openly bigoted representatives. Daniel Denvir: Republican … More after the jump

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Is Montco’s Vereb Plotting a PA House GOP Leadership Challenge?

Why would a state representative from a moderate suburban Philadelphia district: – Boast of his 100% rating from the far-right American Conservative Union by posting this photo, – Post a photo of himself shaking hands with unpopular-in-Southeast-PA Gov. Corbett on the occasion … More after the jump

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PA-15: LGBT Groups Endorse Jackson Eaton in Democratic Primary

From my inbox: Jackson Eaton, a Democratic candidate for the United State Congress in Pennsylvania’s 15th district received the endorsement of Equality Pennsylvania and the Capitol Region Stonewall Democrats Tuesday. These endorsements are a major sign of momentum for Eaton’s … More after the jump

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Lesbian Couple Denied Family Discount at Sports Club

I’m always outraged at this sort of thing: When Michelle Gladfelter of Manchester Township applied for membership at a local sports club, she envisioned her family splashing around one of the three pools or sunning themselves on the 15 tree-lined … More after the jump

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Today in Harrisburg: Right Wing Avalanche of Suck

Today is quite a momentous day in Harrisburg for stuff you guys hate. Republicans are going to try to steal the 2012 election and take the first step toward passing an anti-marriage equality amendment to the state Constitution.

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Tell Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott to Support Gay Rights!

As regular readers know, I’m a fervent advocate for equal rights for LGBT people around the world, and especially here at home in Pennsylvania. That’s why I’ve been heartened to see mayors from around the commonwealth sign on in support of marriage … More after the jump

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Allentown is PA’s Third Gayest City

Sam Kennedy’s article on the Lehigh Valley Chamber’s LGBT initiative is fascinating throughout: Census data released last year suggest such changes could already be well under way in the Lehigh Valley. Allentown had 405 same-sex households in 2010, a 55 … More after the jump

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St. Luke’s Hospital Denies Benefits to Same-sex Partners

Carol Stevens and Beth Goudy were legally married in Iowa. St. Luke’s hospital in the Lehigh Valley has a non-discrimination policy that says it won’t deny benefits to those in protected groups, including “sexual preference, gender identity and expression.” So you’d think … More after the jump

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