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Bob Donchez’s Political Payback For Bethlehem Shadow Mayor John Morganelli

I’m late to this, but I’m very surprised that none of the reporters or columnists in the Lehigh Valley really sussed out the obvious angle on this story about Bethlehem Mayor Bob Donchez nominating Northampton County DA John Morganelli’s home-maker … More after the jump

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#PA13: The Margolies FEC Complaint – What We Know So Far

Here’s a synopsis of what has occurred so far with the alleged Margolies FEC violations: This past Saturday, I sent an email to a staffer at the Margolies congressional campaign, inquiring about their campaign finances. It didn’t seem like she … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Allyson Schwartz Calls For Early Voting, Same-Day Registration, Vote By Mail

This would be huge for small-d democracy and obviously for Democrats’ chances of winning seats in future midterm elections. There’s no good reason you should only be allowed to vote on Tuesdays. In other states you see churches, especially ones … More after the jump

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Darrell Clarke Trying to Manufacture Community Opposition to Broadly-Supported Land Bank Bill

This post may be immediately obsolete because there may be some kind of a deal now, but it’s still worth engaging with Philly Council President Darrell Clarke’s view on the land bank bill since he’s a candidate for Mayor in 2015, … More after the jump

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Occupy Movement Lives On in PA in Spirit, If Not in Name

As quite psyched as I was to hear that there was a new Occupy encampment getting started in Easton, PA just a few months ago this year, I was equally depressed to hear not long after that it had been … More after the jump

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Harrisburg GOP Trying to Rush Through Gun Bill

State Republican legislators are orchestrating a “gut and switch” legislative move to ram through the legislature a bill that would penalize municipalities who’ve attempted even modest gun control measures, according to anti-gun violence group CeaseFire PA. Isaiah Thompson has more.

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Daylin Leach is Hilarious

John Micek sends us to the Patriot News for the money quote: The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee is upset over Gov. Tom Corbett’s decision to nominate a former top aide to a spot on the Allegheny County bench, the … More after the jump

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The PA Constitution Is Not a Public Record

John Micek says the Department of State has a very strange definition of “public record”:

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Surprise! Public Sector Jobs Are Not The Path to Riches

Talk to a Tea Partier lately and they’ll tell you that public sector workers are coddled and just there for the money… but it’ll come as no surprise to anyone who actually *knows* a public sector worker that it’s not … More after the jump

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Court Ruling Jeopardizes Open Records Rights

When the government does business, and there’s no valid reason to keep it from the public (usually privacy or security), shouldn’t that information be public? PA’s open records law attempted to make headway on this problem, but a recent court … More after the jump

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