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Corbett Compares Same-Sex Marriage to Incest

Mark Scolforo says Tom Corbett walked back his administration’s argument that issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples is like issuing licenses to 12-year-olds, and now says it really is like incest: Corbett make the remark on a Friday morning news … More after the jump

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What the Bible Says About Daryl Metcalfe Trying to Play God on PA House Floor

State Representative Daryl Metcalfe is the anti-equal rights conservative Republican who stopped Democratic state Representative Brian Sims from speaking on the PA House floor about the US Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. I described that stand-off … More after the jump

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LGBT Rights Battle on PA House Floor; New Marriage Equality Bill to be Introduced

When the federal Defense of Marriage Act which banned recognition of marriage equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans under federal laws was recently struck down as unconstitutionally discriminatory by the US Supreme Court, a Democratic state representative who … More after the jump

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Tim Murphy: Who Cares About Science, I Just Want Religious View!

Perhaps more frank than he was meaning to be, Congressman Tim Murphy admitted he didn’t care about the science behind birth control, he just wants to know what religious advocates want: SEBELIUS: It is a contraceptive drug, not an abortifacient… … More after the jump

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Commonwealth of the Bible

The Economist’s Democracy in America blog reminds us that Pennsylvania is one of 8 states that officially bans atheists from holding public office.

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Shippensburg Serves Morning After Pill from Vending Machine

This is nearly unbelievable, except it’s totally true. It sounds wacky on the surface (sort of), but it’s a great step forward for women’s health on campus. I’m sure the right wing will go apeshit about it, though, and with … More after the jump

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Ex-Corbett Advisor Thinks You Should Try More Semen

Hoo-boy! Robert Patterson is one crazy asshole:

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Abused By 2 Priests and a Teacher, “Billy’s” Life Ruined

This is unconscionable. How will Archbishop Chaput choose to deal with this? “My whole personality changed” after being molested and raped by men he feared and trusted, he said. “I turned into a loner.” The pain and shame, “I buried … More after the jump

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Philly’s New Archbishop Really Doesn’t Like Gays

Philadelphia is a liberal political haven, but the new Archbishop of the Catholic Church is known as a rabid opponent of abortion and of gay rights. Archbishop Charles Chaput is a political activist who has denied the children of a … More after the jump

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Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Dunn Funeral

We were going to totally ignore the Ryan Dunn story because it’s off our beat, that is until the “Christians” at Westboro Baptist Church decided they would show up to protest. According to Raw Story: On their website, the Westboro … More after the jump

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