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Philly’s New Archbishop Really Doesn’t Like Gays

Philadelphia is a liberal political haven, but the new Archbishop of the Catholic Church is known as a rabid opponent of abortion and of gay rights. Archbishop Charles Chaput is a political activist who has denied the children of a … More after the jump

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Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Dunn Funeral

We were going to totally ignore the Ryan Dunn story because it’s off our beat, that is until the “Christians” at Westboro Baptist Church decided they would show up to protest. According to Raw Story: On their website, the Westboro … More after the jump

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Anti-Muslim Sentiment Rears its Ugly Head in Allentown

Guests at last night’s Syrian American Banquet in Allentown were greeted by some anti-Muslim sentiment. Signs outside the banquet said “MAYOR FUNDS ISLAMIC PEOPLE NEXT DOOR!! NEED NEW MAYOR.”

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