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State Reps to Poor Women: Prove You Were Raped or Lose TANF Assistance (UPDATE)

From Think Progress, new depths of barbarism from our state legislators (House Bill 2718). A Pennsylvania House bill seeks to limit the amount of TANF assistance that low-income women receive based on the amount of children they give birth to while covered under … More after the jump

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Re-building America’s Welfare State

Presidential elections focus our attention on the current parameters of political conversation, which doesn’t suit the left particularly well. How much does Obama differ from Romney on abortion (a lot), the safety net (a lot, with disquieting wiggle room), or drone strikes … More after the jump

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Libertarianism and Tiny Local Governments

Chris Briem has a post titled “Things That Make Libertarians Implode”, on the new Census report showing there are 84,004 local governments in the United States. Chris is right that that’s a lot of government, but what’s interesting is how … More after the jump

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The Public Sector is Not a Jobs Program

Here are two articles that set up a point I want to make about the public sector. First, the interim chief of the Philadelphia Housing Authority is coming under fire for trying to save money by getting rid of 335 … More after the jump

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Regional Policing Moving Forward in Camden

As you know I think this is good news that will likely improve crime control in Camden County and also Philadelphia, since crime doesn’t respect state or municipal boundaries. It is also a win for progressive taxation.

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Ohio Municipal Consolidation: The Game!

Chris Briem sends us to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, who have created a fun map tool* that you can use to combine Cuyahoga County’s 59 municipalities into a more manageable 13. This looks like an adorable problem when compared to the complete mess that is PA municipal … More after the jump

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When Program Cuts Cost More Than the Programs

Alfred Lubrano: The Corbett administration has stopped funding a program that helped low-income working people get federal tax credits that kept them out of poverty. The program, administered by the Department of Public Welfare for just over $500,000, also helped … More after the jump

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Where Are City Tax Bases “Eroding” To?

Robert Swift says the state legislature will take up a few different bills to help PA’s struggling cities: A bipartisan group in the Senate and House is working on a host of related issues, including an overhaul of the Act … More after the jump

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Harrisburg’s Fiscal Problem is That It Doesn’t Have a Dauphin County-Sized Tax Base

One of the reasons I think the Harrisburg bankruptcy debate has been so narrow and unimaginative is the lack of an unreasonable extremist on the pro-Harrisburg side, so here goes: Until Dauphin County straight up takes over the payment for, … More after the jump

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PA’s Neighborhood Improvement District Law is Undemocratic

In keeping with the “people benefitting most from public amenities should pay more” message of my post on value capture, let me quickly defend the much-maligned Callowhill Neighborhood Improvement District in Philly. The way Neighborhood Improvement Districts work in PA, … More after the jump

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