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Kill the Racehorse Grift in This Year’s #PABudget

This subsidy – this horse fucking subsidy! – provides approximately zero benefit to Pennsylvania’s economy. The jig is up, Lisa. All we’re doing is making a bunch of rich fucking out-of-state horse owners richer. $252 million richer. Every year. Some … More after the jump

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The Environmentalist Case for Philly Wage and Business Tax Reform

Here is a crucial point for Philadelphians who consider themselves environmentalists. The fact that almost 40% (!) of Philadelphians leave the city limits for work every day, mostly via solo-driving, is an absolute disaster for the climate. The more people … More after the jump

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These Are Pennsylvania’s Emptiest Areas

Idiots sometimes wonder why, if so much land area of Pennsylvania is Republican, why do Republicans have so much trouble winning statewide elections. The answer is that big swaths of central PA are actually empty. Here’s a cool map that … More after the jump

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#PAGOV: GOP’s attack on Wolf is pretty weak

I don’t want this piece to be misconstrued as my official public support of Tom Wolf, but as I was reading Politics PA’s piece the other night about the recent attack by the PA GOP on Wolf’s business record, I had to … More after the jump

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Happy Tax Confusion Day

I write this blog post every year, but basically the Tax Foundation’s “Tax Freedom Day” promotion is a trick intended to falsely benchmark middle class people’s economic interests to wealthy people’s economic interests. The crux of the issue is that … More after the jump

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Parks: Should People Be Allowed to Have Fun in Them?

Bethlehem sure does have some nutty old park rules, but luckily for people who like fun Councilwoman Karen Dolan’s plans to revamp them would go a long way toward correcting some of this silliness. Especially the open container component. It’s … More after the jump

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Gilberton Dissolves Police Department

The departure of that nut Mark Kessler left Gilberton without a functioning police department, so now they’re just disbanding it: Ordinance 2014-1 reads, “Whereas the council of the Borough of Gilberton has agreed that it can no longer maintain a … More after the jump

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#PAGov: McCord Calls for a 10% Severance Tax

This is more like it. Rob  McCord’s 10% severance tax is twice what Allyson Schwartz proposed, and is much more in line with what the “Saudi Arabia” of natural gas should be charging. The McCord campaign estimates that the new levy would … More after the jump

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To Address Doctor Shortage, Nurse Practitioners Bill is a Must-Pass

This bill allowing state certified (think about that) nurse practitioners to practice without a doctor’s oversight has been introduced by a few Republican legislators, but every single Democrat should be on bill 1063, especially those claiming to be progressives. Here’s … More after the jump

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Why Are There So Many SEPTA Unions?

I would think that having SEPTA on one side of the negotiations, and a bunch of different unions on the other would weaken labor’s negotiating power. Another question I have is whether the fragmentation in labor representation makes some types … More after the jump

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