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#PASen: NRSC Slams Joe Sestak for Transportation Funding Idea Supported by Republican Bill Shuster

The NRSC is running some billboard ads against Joe Sestak, over his stated support in his book for a vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) fee to replace the gas tax. Reasonable people can debate whether it makes more sense to switch to … More after the jump

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Don’t Carve Philly Out of Uber Legalization

We got pretty close to legalizing Uber X and Lyft-type ride-sharing services this session, but the clock ran out and the fight has been pushed into next year. That’s why it’s so important now that we kill this stupid idea … More after the jump

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Peduto: Senator Fontana Introducing Bill to Override Tom Corbett’s PUC Appointees, Legalize Uber X and Lyft

Charlie Deitch reports that state Senator Wayne Fontana (and we’ve heard Erin Molchany in the House, though not sure if that’s been reported yet) is introducing a bill to create a new “transportation network” category in the PA code that … More after the jump

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Ride-Share Fix Must Apply to Philly Parking Authority as Well as PUC

By some weird accident of history, the city of Philadelphia doesn’t have the same taxi regulator as the rest of the state. Whereas the Public Utilities Commission sets the rules for taxis in Pittsburgh and elsewhere, the Philadelphia Parking Authority … More after the jump

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The Single Biggest Problem With the Harrisburg Draft Zoning Plan

There is a lot to like about the city of Harrisburg’s new draft zoning plan. Raised height limits, lowered parking requirements, ease of administration, and the expansion of the downtown. There is one problem though which overshadows all of the rest -The … More after the jump

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Takeaways From the Harrisburg Area’s New Transportation Spending Plan

The Harrisburg Area Transportation Study Coordinating Committee’s list of approved projects were released last week. Major projects on the 2015-2018 TIP include, but are not limited to: • $146.5 million in roadway projects, including signal improvements, resurfacing and safety improvements  • $120.7 … More after the jump

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(UPDATED) Upzoning Older SEPA Cities and Suburbs is the Key to Long-Run Democratic Statewide Dominance

Upzoning for infill construction of mixed-use housing and retail – market rate and subsidized – is great for all kinds of reasons, on the policy merits. – It helps local budgets because the tax yield per acre from mixed-use attached … More after the jump

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PA is the Only State Where Local Police Can’t Use Radar to Catch Speeders

Remember how it was going to be a big deal that Philadelphia Councilman Jim Kenney’s bill would turn marijuana possession into a minor ticketable offense? It was a big deal because that would essentially take the largest police presence in … More after the jump

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This is Why Property Taxes Are Going Up in Camp Hill

In Camp Hill, property taxes may go up.  The district’s roughly $19.8 million proposed budget for the 2014-15 school year, which was reviewed by the school board on Monday, is about 10 percent greater than this year’s budget and contains a gap … More after the jump

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Easton Introducing Trolley Service Because “We Can’t Invent Parking”

Easton, PA is one of my favorite small cities in eastern PA, and some of the compact older cities and boroughs around the state should be looking to them for inspiration on economic revitalization. The historic downtown is beautiful, with … More after the jump

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