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Why PA’s Urban Areas Can’t Have Nice Things

A few comments on this post noted that school district consolidation at the county level wouldn’t do anything for Philadelphia, and that’s true. Philly already has a countywide school district. But this gets at the political problem with having varied … More after the jump

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What to Read on Land Use Politics

I write about land use politics a lot (less so here now that I’m blogging here now) and it’s a fun emerging issue in Democratic politics that progressives should strive to know more about. I’ll co-sign on this reading list from … More after the jump

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Autonomous Cars Strengthen the Case for Dedicated Bus and Bike Lanes

Sandy Smith reads my long-form piece at Forefront on autonomous cars: As Jon Geeting notes in a Next City “Forefront” feature story, driverless – or more accurately, self-driving – cars offer “the chance to dramatically reshape the relationship between public space and the … More after the jump

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Convenient Grocery Stores in Mixed Use Neighborhoods Are an Important Policy Goal

The program that Allyson Schwartz traded for a vote for food stamp cuts doesn’t actually do what it purports to do – get lower-income people to buy and eat healthier foods – but I do want to stick up for … More after the jump

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Hey, I Wrote a Long-Form Article!

You can read it here.

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Chart: Why PA Transit Can’t Have Nice Things

(image courtesy of Randy Simes) Click to embiggen, and you’ll see that Philadelphia and Pittsburgh’s transit funding is excessively dependent on both state funding and fares. For political-geographic reasons, our transit authorities will never receive generous funding from the state. … More after the jump

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We Are All Traffic Calming Nerds Now

Apparently the most popular blog post I have ever written is about traffic calming on E. Passyunk Avenue in South Philly. 5000 Facebook shares!

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Cities Actually Have a Lot of Control Over Climate Change

I wrote about the C40 Cities initiatve at Next City a couple weeks back, and now Atlantic Cities has a piece up with some cool charts showing how much power Mayors around the world feel they have over key local … More after the jump

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Young Progressive Cathy Reuscher Selected for Bethlehem City Council Vacancy

Excellent news for Bethlehem: Bethlehem City Council on Monday picked Cathy Reuscher, a founder and member of the Bethlehem Food Co-op, to replace veteran Councilman Robert Donchez, who resigned last month to become mayor [...] “I really love the city … More after the jump

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Study: Gentrification Benefits Financial Health of Long-Time Residents

(Cross-posted from This Old City) The term gentrification is annoying to the extreme because it’s so poorly defined. Some people use it correctly, but others are far too quick to call gentrification on any new amenities. “That new coffee shop … More after the jump

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