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Cities Actually Have a Lot of Control Over Climate Change

I wrote about the C40 Cities initiatve at Next City a couple weeks back, and now Atlantic Cities has a piece up with some cool charts showing how much power Mayors around the world feel they have over key local … More after the jump

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Young Progressive Cathy Reuscher Selected for Bethlehem City Council Vacancy

Excellent news for Bethlehem: Bethlehem City Council on Monday picked Cathy Reuscher, a founder and member of the Bethlehem Food Co-op, to replace veteran Councilman Robert Donchez, who resigned last month to become mayor [...] “I really love the city … More after the jump

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Study: Gentrification Benefits Financial Health of Long-Time Residents

(Cross-posted from This Old City) The term gentrification is annoying to the extreme because it’s so poorly defined. Some people use it correctly, but others are far too quick to call gentrification on any new amenities. “That new coffee shop … More after the jump

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LANTA’s Walkability Report Focusing on All the Wrong Places

Through the Envision Lehigh Valley process, LANTA – the Lehigh Valley’s transit authority – did a study on walkable and transit-oriented development (called transit-supportive land use) that is just really weak sauce. The TOD study was still quite auto-oriented, and … More after the jump

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That Time Businesses Wanted Higher Parking Meter Rates

Do you know why the parking meter was born in the first place? Because businesses wanted them! Back when mass car ownership started becoming a thing, people would just park their cars for as long as they wanted because curb … More after the jump

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#PAGov Candidates Ignoring the Biggest Environmental Issue

Sprawl: Candidates have taken some conflicting positions on demand-side issues. A few, notably Schwartz, touted their support for “sustainable communities.” All, however, tripped over themselves to endorse the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s recent decision overturning a law regulating natural gas drilling, … More after the jump

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Sell Easton’s Governor Wolf Building Parking Lot!

The Governor Wolf Building in Easton looks like it’s getting turned into apartments, and that’s great. The developer is the same company who hit a home run with the Pomeroy building, and now they’re turning the GW into apartments too. … More after the jump

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Why Oh Why Can’t We Have Better Environmental Advocacy Organizations?

I have to write a more balanced and thoughtful post on tonight’s #PAGov sustainability forum for Next City, so allow me to indulge in a bit of a rant here.

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Why Karl Marx Hated the Land Value Tax and Why He’s Wrong

Conservatives calling Jesse Myerson a Communist for supporting ideas like Henry George’s land value tax is pretty amusing since Karl Marx himself described Georgist politics as “capitalism’s last ditch.” The land value tax is basically just the property tax, except … More after the jump

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The Parking Chair-ization of Philadelphia Public Space Policy

(Cross-posted from This Old City. I was arguing on Twitter the other day with a dude about why parking chair is such an illiberal concept, and I ended up doing some ideological riffing on this idea over at TOC.) Sarah … More after the jump

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