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Will Tom Wolf Veto Fiscal Code Amendments Derailing Oil and Gas Rules?

A quick update from Dave Hess: reported late Thursday Gov. Wolf opposes loading up the Fiscal Code to gut oil and gas regulations or slow implementation of the EPA Clean Power Climate Plan, according to his spokesperson Jeff Sheridan. … More after the jump

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PA GOP Using Budget to Derail Traditional Oil and Gas Regulations

Did some big environmental setbacks just get horse-traded for Republican budget votes? A Fiscal Code amendment that randomly showed up over the summer, which would effectively derail the Department of Environmental Protection’s ongoing process for writing new traditional oil and … More after the jump

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PA GOP Won’t Disinvite Trump from PA Society Fundraiser

Everybody in the Republican Party is making official statements denouncing Donald Trump for calling for a total ban on Muslim immigration, but the proof is in the pudding. Tom Fitzgerald reports that Donald Trump is still a welcome guest at … More after the jump

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PA Budget: House Republicans vs. The World

Via Charles Thompson: Pennsylvania House Republicans abandoned the fragile state budget “framework” Saturday after members told caucus leaders they could not support the roughly $2 billion in new taxes needed to pay for it. Republicans said they will start work … More after the jump

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New FAST Act Pilot Could Let PA Collect I-80 Toll Revenue

The new FAST Act transportation funding bill signed by President Obama contains a pilot allowing up to three states to toll their interstates, so it’s time for the Wolf administration to resubmit our request to toll I-80. From Governing Magazine: Federal … More after the jump

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Daryl Metcalfe and the Republican Definition of Racism

Everybody’s rightly focused on Daryl Metcalfe’s tortured hair-splitting on the difference between white supremacists and white nationalists, but I wanted to make sure this quote didn’t get lost in the mix. “Metcalfe continued, “For whoever said the man was white to … More after the jump

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Republicans Pass Corbett Budget Stop-Gap on Party-Line Vote. Wolf Will Veto It.

Republican lawmakers in Harrisburg are hearing from schools, social service providers, and non-profits in their districts that they should stop posturing and make a deal with Tom Wolf on a budget already. That entails releasing moderate Southeasterners to make a deal … More after the jump

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Bob Casey Comes Out in Support of the Iran Deal

Good stuff. The polling on this issue in PA is tilted against the deal by a not-unsubstantial margin, but the fact is that there’s no way most voters have actually read up on what’s in the deal, so politicians have … More after the jump

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Scarnati Knows a Severance Tax Would Pass If Brought Up for a Vote

Scarnati said he opposes a severance tax. But he declined to rule it out. There’s “some level of support” in all four caucuses of both parties in House and Senate for a severance tax, he said. But there’s “not majority … More after the jump

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Philly Councilman Attends “White Women’s Lives Matter” Rally

I see some people saying Mark Squilla couldn’t have known ahead of time he would be lending his official support to what Gawker called a “white lives matter” rally, organized in response to an incident where a white woman was attacked by … More after the jump

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