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Why We Can’t Boot Republicans Out of the Majority Fast Enough

Mike Turzai is the worst person ever.

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#PA13: Leach demands Margolies release all campaign finance records

Daylin Leach released an advisory to press contacts today, informing them that he’d be sending Margolies a letter tomorrow. In it, he demands that Margolies release all financial records, accounting practices, and bank statements from her campaign related to the … More after the jump

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#PA13: The Margolies FEC Complaint – What We Know So Far

Here’s a synopsis of what has occurred so far with the alleged Margolies FEC violations: This past Saturday, I sent an email to a staffer at the Margolies congressional campaign, inquiring about their campaign finances. It didn’t seem like she … More after the jump

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#TheStump: Josh Young – candidate in PA’s 74th state legislative district

My name is Joshua Young and I am running to become the Representative for the new 74th district in Chester County. I am currently in my ninth year as a Commissioner for Caln Township.  In 2007, I was appointed by … More after the jump

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#TheStump: Josh Maxwell – candidate in PA’s 74th state legislative district

Last summer, I received a call from a woman in Parkesburg, PA.  A friend of her’s was in trouble, and she was told I might be someone who could help. She had called many people, and was desperate for assistance. … More after the jump

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Margolies Campaign Responds – Hat Tip to PoliticsPA

The Margolies Campaign released this official response to PoliticsPA: “Marjorie 2014 used an acceptable accounting method to distinguish between general and primary funds and at no time did Marjorie 2014 access general election funds for expenditures in this primary. Any assertion … More after the jump

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#PA13: Leach files FEC complaint against Margolies – Smukler scoffs

Today, Daylin Leach and his congressional campaign staff released documents, including an official legal complaint letter to the Federal Election Commission, for alleged violations. In the press conference this morning, Leach told journalists that he believed the data proves that … More after the jump

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#PA13: Will fundraising woes be Margolies’ downfall?

From the very beginning, Marjorie Margolies’ political comeback has been what most political pundits and writers have referred to as “non-traditional”. In fact, most would not have predicted a political comeback from the congressional veteran at all, but Margolies has … More after the jump

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#NN14: Do you want Keystone Politics at Netroots Nation? VOTE NOW.

Click HERE to send me, Colleen Kennedy, to Detroit, Michigan in July! We’ll be sure to live blog as many events, seminars, and keynote speakers as possible, so that it will be like you’re there yourself. I am currently ranked … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Obamacare Frenemy Allyson Schwartz Running on Obamacare Now

(Cross-posted from Primary Colors) We like that Allyson Schwartz isn’t backing down from Obamacare just because of the rock roll-out like some other Democrats are, but many of the national and local media outlets have been weirdly silent on how much … More after the jump

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