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Where’s Bob Casey on Filibuster Reform?

We heard some positive comments from Bob Casey back in November, when he indicated his support for the “talking filibuster” and ending the filibuster on motions to proceed. We should probably make sure and ask him to reconfirm now that … More after the jump

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Boehner Deflated

Greg Sargent says the Speaker vote will leave John Boehner less able to credibly deliver his caucus’ votes on future deals with the President. Getting rid of earmarks is looking like a dumber move every day: John Boehner just won … More after the jump

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In Obama’s Second Term, Forget Legislating and Learn to Love the Veto

I’m not sure who is arguing that we need 435 liberals in the House to get anything good done. Personally my goal is 218+ Democrats. No doubt that’s a heavy lift. There are only about 35 swing districts, and Democrats … More after the jump

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You Can’t Put a Stop to Endless Fake Crises By Reelecting “Moderate” House Republicans

Counterproductive ticket-splitting is thankfully on the wane in most districts, so not everybody needs to hear this lesson, but lots of Pennsylvanians apparently do. The trouble with praising the 85 House Republicans who voted for the fiscal cliff deal is … More after the jump

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Liberals Need to Have Bob Casey’s Back on Changed Gun Safety Stance

Changing your mind about an issue is difficult, and publicly changing your mind is even more difficult for a politician. It opens you up to charges from opponents that you’re an untrustworthy flip-flopper. In PA, changing your mind in favor of gun safety is surely … More after the jump

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Bob Casey Maybe Open to Assault Weapons Ban

Colby Itkowitz reports Bob Casey may be willing to spend down some of his NRA political capital now that he’s been reelected: Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, a pro-gun-rights Democrat with high marks from the National Rifle Association, indicated Monday … More after the jump

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Obama Should Recess-Appoint His Picks for PA Eastern District Court

It’s a huge scandal that Senate Republicans have confirmed so few of Obama’s judicial nominees. If Republicans want more conservative judges, then they should try to win more Presidential elections. Until that happens, the President appoints the judges, and unless they’re … More after the jump

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What lack of access to abortion looks like

Last week I received my copy of Tomorrow Magazine, the product of the excellent editorial team that GOOD laid off en masse at the beginning of the summer. (You should buy a copy of Tomorrow: It’s real pretty.) The magazine is crammed with interesting articles and fun … More after the jump

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America the Segregated

If you read one long form web article this week make it ProPublica’s authoritative piece, by Nikole Hannah-Jones, on segregation in America and the unfulfilled promise of the Fair Housing Act. The article is packed with revealing facts about the political cowardice … More after the jump

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Best endorsement of the 2012 election

From my man Joss Whedon: lets vote for the candidate who is most likely to hasten the zombie apocalypse. “Mitt is ready. He’s not afraid to face a ravening, grasping horde of subhumans, because that’s how he sees poor people already…Lets all embrace the … More after the jump

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