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#HD164: A New Keystone Politics Feature

A fellow constituent in Upper Darby forwarded me a campaign email that they found especially devoid of truth, and I’d like to share it with everyone. In it, Representative Margo Davidson claims that one of her two primary challengers, Billy … More after the jump

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#HD182: Babette Josephs is disappointed. Me too.

My two cents. I was present at the hearing today that ended in Former Representative Josephs’ removal from the May 2014 ballot. This ongoing story has been a real experience for me, not only as a fairly green addition to … More after the jump

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Luke Ravenstahl’s Lawyer Unveils Greatest. Excuse. Ever.

What on Earth! Imagine getting paid to say stuff like this with a straight face: Mr. Ravenstahl referred comment to his attorney, Charles Porter, who said the former mayor took the computer because he was concerned the Peduto administration would … More after the jump

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What We Really Need Is Another White Guy From Northeast Philly To Weigh In On These Issues

Said no progressive ever.

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Amateur Hour With NorCo Executive John Brown

Former Bangor Mayor John Brown pulled out a surprise win over a well-funded rising Democratic star, former Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan, in this November’s Northampton County Executive race, and now that he’s in office homeboy plainly has no clue WTF … More after the jump

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Government Should Promote, Not Discourage, Renting Stuff to Each Other

Lots of liberals slagged Tom Friedman’s column on the “sharing economy” because they don’t like Tom Friedman, but this is an area that lefties need to get behind in a big way at state and local level. There’s a strain … More after the jump

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Redistricting Conflicts Highlight the Absurdity of Districting

Nobody likes the PA redistricting process, but there also doesn’t seem to be much of a consensus about what districting should try to do. Some people are upset that there are so few politically competitive districts, and think we should … More after the jump

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Sen. Eichelberger Looking at Disincorporation For Some Struggling Municipal Governments

This is a tool we need: ‘A major change that we hope will happen would be a five-year limit on a community staying in Act 47. This was never intended for communities to stay in it for decades. We are … More after the jump

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Darrell Clarke Trying to Manufacture Community Opposition to Broadly-Supported Land Bank Bill

This post may be immediately obsolete because there may be some kind of a deal now, but it’s still worth engaging with Philly Council President Darrell Clarke’s view on the land bank bill since he’s a candidate for Mayor in 2015, … More after the jump

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An Election Reflection for Political Professionals

As some of you know, I had my first victory as a campaign manager on Tuesday. Through the efforts of countless volunteers, Tim Scott became Carlisle’s first Democratic mayor since 1978 and the borough’s first African American mayor. I am … More after the jump

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