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Unemployment Rate Creeps Up in Lehigh Valley, Scranton

We need our elected officials to be focused on jobs, not deficits. Are we allowed to say we’re back in a recession? The Lehigh Valley’s unemployment rate crept up in July for the third straight month, with sluggish job growth … More after the jump

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Bi-County Health Department May Be Dead on Arrival

Lehigh and Northampton counties’ proposal to create a bi-county health department have gone off-track, with political supporters saying they no longer have the backing for the innovative department. That’s a shame, because a regional health authority was a smart way … More after the jump

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Greenpeace Uses Blimp to Highlight Coal Pollution

If you were in the northern Lehigh Valley last Thursday morning, you might have seen a funny sight. A blimp, paid for by Greenpeace, informed you that “If you can read this, you are breathing coal pollution.” The aircraft was … More after the jump

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Toomey Should Support Infrastructure Spending If He Is Worried About Cement Firms

Greg already responded to Pat Toomey’s misleading¬†op-ed on the EPA, but I have a few more points.

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Rep. Joe Brennan’s DUI Was for 4 Times Legal Limit (!)

Ugh, Rep. Joe Brennan. What’s going on, man? You clearly have a problem with the sauce. Driving with a 0.30 blood alcohol level is dangerous to you and to everyone else on the road. And presumably it was much higher … More after the jump

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Sands Casino in Bethlehem Continues Union Busting

The Sands Casino in Bethlehem is continuing its union-busting tactics to prevent any workers there to be represented or collectively bargain. They’ve been at this for a while, embedding covenants into leases/sales of nearby lands that prevent any union activity, … More after the jump

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Dent’s Fake Debt Ceiling Plan

Charlie Dent gives us about 10 paragraphs of throat-clearing and 1 paragraph of something that could be interpreted as a policy recommendation. He says it is an “intermediate” approach. Actually it is Cut, Cap and Balance worded in a different … More after the jump

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Briefly Noted

Lehigh Valley Independent asks what’s next for rail service in the Lehigh Valley? This is an age-old debate, but until we commit to some sort of mass transit service, we’ll continue to spend a fortune on highways.

Lehigh County Dem Chairman Will Challenge Charlie Dent

With a somewhat inauspicious announcement in sleepy July, Rick Daugherty, the Lehigh Democratic Party Chair, has declared his candidacy for the 15th District race against Charlie Dent. I think Rick’s a really nice guy but I don’t think he has … More after the jump

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Bethlehem School District’s Financial Jujitsu May Be Part of JP Morgan Scam

JP Morgan is accused of rigging municipal bond and swap deals that ultimately cost taxpayers millions, or maybe even billions, of dollars. Though the Philadelphia SEC office declined to comment, the Morning Call thinks its highly possible that Bethlehem Area … More after the jump

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