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Toohil-Gate: Unanswered Questions, and Her Evasions – Will the Media Follow Up?

The travails of Tarah Toohil continue, in part because she has left unanswered questions hanging out there. There’s a lot for the media to follow up on – but will they?

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Anonymous Creator of Toohil Video Explains Why; Poses 3 Questions to Rep.

Hat tip to Jake Sternberger for alerting me to this — the anonymous creator of the Tarah Toohil video has posted a detailed statement today in the video’s caption about why he or she posted the video. Jake tweeted “Guy … More after the jump

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Toohil-Gate: It’s the Hypocrisy, Not the Possible Pot Use — and Why Is She Against Medical Marijuana?

About the widely viewed video montage of state Rep. Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne County) (please note: I had nothing to do with creating or posting the video, and I have no idea who did, either) — Some people have been saying how … More after the jump

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The Tom Borthwick Recovery Plan for Scranton

KP contributor Tom Borthwick has some thoughtful suggestions for how Scranton might raise some more revenue over at the NEPArtisan blog: •Send a tax bill to any non-profit engaging in an activity outside the scope of their non-profit activity. The … More after the jump

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In Scranton, Obama Pushes Extension of Payroll Tax Cut

Makes sense – working families need a break. Millionaires and wealthy “non-workers” don’t. “I’ll tell you what, Scranton, they may have voted “no” on these tax cuts once, but I’m filled with the Christmas spirit,” the president told the crowd … More after the jump

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More Than 100k in PA Ordered to Evacuate Due to Flooding

If you are in this zone, please listen to authorities and evacuate as directed. Stubborn-ness is a leading cause of death and injury in these situations. More than 100,000 residents were ordered to flee the rising Susquehanna River on Thursday … More after the jump

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Scranton’s High Unemployment Expected to Persist

The Electric City’s high unemployment rate may be the new normal, according to a recent analysis of labor statistics. While the rest of the state was hit by the economic downturn, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazelton region lost more jobs than others. “The … More after the jump

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Former Mellow Consultant Testifies Before Grand Jury

Ed Mitchell, a political consultant to former state Sen. Bob Mellow, testified before a federal grand jury this week in connection with Mellow’s political corruption case. Mr. Mitchell is the latest in a string of witnesses in the Mellow investigation … More after the jump

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Cordaro and Munchak Found Guilty of Corruption

Jurors thought it was business as usual up in Lackawanna County when they heard the prosecutions arguments against Robert Cordaro and A.J. Munchak. Cordaro, a former county commissioner, and Munchak, a current commissioner, have been convicted of public corruption. The … More after the jump

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Lackawanna Corruption Trial Winds Down

The federal trial of a Lackawanna County commissioner and former commissioner is winding down. I’m so excited for the verdict, I feel like Nancy Grace. But I digress. A.J. Munchak and Robert Cordaro are accused of extorting businesses for payoffs … More after the jump

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