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#sandyinphilly (UPDATE)

Philadelphia seems to have escaped Hurricane Sandy mostly unscathed. I’ve been in touch with friends in almost every neighborhood, from the northeast to South Philly, Kensington to Strawberry Mansion and Brewerytown and everyone is safe and dry. Everyone has power. All are … More after the jump

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Is Montco’s Vereb Plotting a PA House GOP Leadership Challenge?

Why would a state representative from a moderate suburban Philadelphia district: – Boast of his 100% rating from the far-right American Conservative Union by posting this photo, – Post a photo of himself shaking hands with unpopular-in-Southeast-PA Gov. Corbett on the occasion … More after the jump

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Philadelphia’s Restaurant Industry Creates A Lot of [Bad] Jobs

Yesterday Next American City published my piece on the implications of low-income jobs, and non-traditional labor organizing, for our cities.  The second half of my post, which I’ll focus on today, is about the restaurant industry (which, unlike Wal-Mart style retail, I’ve had personal experience in). … More after the jump

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Herman Cain Wants You To Intimidate Your Employees

Last Friday Herman Cain’s “Truth Tour” made a stop in Philly, at the non-union Ritz-Carlton downtown, to remind employers to pressure workers to vote for Romney. Cain’s new group, The Job Creators Action Fund, provides management with the materials to  subject employees to … More after the jump

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Philly’s New Teen HPV Vaccination Campaign, for Both Genders

There are many bad reasons to not get your kid, or yourself, vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV), a common sexually transmitted infection. The list includes America’s obnoxious and dangerous hysteria about anything related to sex, baseless anti-vaccination fear-mongering, and the widely held … More after the jump

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Why Philly Politics Needs a Strong Property Rights Party

This is a liberal blog, so I don’t really want to be plumping for the Philly Republican Party on here, but I think this is an area where a party favoring strong property rights would be very useful in city … More after the jump

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BREAKING: Some People’s Property Taxes Going Down Under Philly Reassessment

You might not know it reading some of the coverage of AVI, but the good folks at Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network made a cool interactive map estimating tax changes under AVI, and as you can see, lots of property … More after the jump

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Bad News on the Philly Zoning Front

Minimum parking requirements for housing and businesses are a city-killer for all kinds of reasons, not least because they make housing more expensive. It’s basically a tax on people who don’t drive that subsidizes parking for people who do. So it’s very … More after the jump

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Philly Should Tax Land, Because Land Can’t Flee Taxes

Daniel Denvir has a cool piece over at the Atlantic Cities blog on municipal boondoggles that you should go check out. His introduction is a very good illustration of my point that cities should tax stuff that can’t move to … More after the jump

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Property is Land + Buildings

One thing I keep seeing in the coverage of Philly’s Actual Value Initiative for real estate assessment is reporters using the term “property” in a confusing way.

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