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  1. Joyce Natale says:

    Dear Mr. Wolf, I am a 68 year old woman, living on $6,800.00 a year. between real estate, property and school taxe’s, I pay $4,500.00 a year. that leaves me $ 2300.00 a year to live on. I and so many elder people who worked all their lives are losing their homes for taxe’s they should not have to pay. We paid tax on our house when we bought it, so why are we paying every year. We don’t have kids in school anymore, so why are we paying them also. I am disabled and would like to eat on a regular basis or maby hire someone to cut my grass once in a while. I hope that that comercial you did with your mother was more then a comercial, I hope you do something to save all of us older people really mean everything you said. please save our homes, we worked so hard for them and really, I don’t look forward to living in my car with my cat and dog. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you can help, no one else seems to care. thank you, Joyce Natale

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