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Corbett Alcohol Reform Plan Barely Lays a Hand on the Cartels

I’m working on a Patriot News op-ed on alcohol reform for this weekend that will feature some of these same points, but I can’t resist quickly commenting on the Corbett alcohol reform plan. The Good Stuff: – Grocery stores, gas … More after the jump

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Jim Ferlo’s Bad Arguments for Anti-Competitive Bar and Restaurant Regulations

I don’t agree with much of anything Jim Ferlo has to say here, but I especially want to point out how ridiculous this line of argument is: Step three: Undermine all existing licensees. Say what you want about the confusing … More after the jump

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Alcohol Reform and Wages

I really do not understand why some people think that directly paying a couple thousand people higher-than-market wages puts us on track to achieve any progressive goals at all. There is no strategic win that I can see. For instance, you’re … More after the jump

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Actually Harrisburg Could Use More “Washington-Style Politics”

ScarJoe is whining about the prospect of merging alcohol reform with transportation funding, because he doesn’t want alcohol reform to pass. He knows that he and most other Republicans would end up voting for it if it was tied to … More after the jump

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Captain Obvious Blogging: Yes, Ending the State Monopoly Would Mean More Consumer Choice

One of the sillier claims made by opponents of alcohol market liberalization is that allowing privately-owned stores to sell liquor would result in less selection: This would likely be true for rural areas, but for the vast majority of state … More after the jump

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Who Cares if Ending the State Monopoly Hurts Alcohol Selection in Rural Areas?

One point I keep hearing in the alcohol wars is that we shouldn’t end the state monopoly, since that would mean less selection and higher prices in low population rural areas. I think the sensible response to this argument is “who … More after the jump

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Tom Corbett Asks the Right Question: What’s the End Goal of Alcohol Reform?

In honor of the anniversary of the 21st amendment, let’s take a look at what Tom Corbett said about alcohol reform in his one of his interviews with PA political media heavyweights: But two, what this really comes down to … More after the jump

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Bad Arguments Against Government Wine

“Astonishingly, Trader Joe’s appears proud that Trader Joe’s has 200 highly controversial, in-house brands of wine and spirits that unfairly compete against its other wine suppliers by using your Trader Joe’s dollars to subsidize in-house brand prices.” Most wine consumers would read this sentence and … More after the jump

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PLCB Advertising Controversy Goes to the Heart of the Stupidity of the State Monopoly

Via Kari Andren, here comes the latest in a genre of controversy I don’t really understand: Although state Liquor Control Board chief executive Joe Conti claimed his agency channeled no resources to promote its eight controversial in-house brands of wine … More after the jump

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“Lincoln” and Liquor License Reform

Everybody’s saying what insights they think should be drawn from Lincoln for current policy debates, so I’ll join in and talk about liquor licensing and alcohol reform. In both cases, you have a market that lots of people would like to change, but where any … More after the jump

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