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Toohil-Gate: Unanswered Questions, and Her Evasions – Will the Media Follow Up?

The travails of Tarah Toohil continue, in part because she has left unanswered questions hanging out there. There’s a lot for the media to follow up on – but will they?

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Anonymous Creator of Toohil Video Explains Why; Poses 3 Questions to Rep.

Hat tip to Jake Sternberger for alerting me to this — the anonymous creator of the Tarah Toohil video has posted a detailed statement today in the video’s caption about why he or she posted the video. Jake tweeted “Guy … More after the jump

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Bob Casey Wants to Ban Robotripping

Mighty strange. Is this actually a problem significant enough to require legislation? I really¬†can’t imagine this would stop¬†anybody with a moderate level of determination from getting a hold of Robitussin. Probably just time to lower the drinking age. Randy LoBasso: … More after the jump

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Why Not Let Beer Distributors Sell Marijuana

Mark Kleiman’s students at UCLA have devised an ingenious plan for taxing and regulating marijuana at the state level that won’t provoke a massive federal crackdown. Hope this finds its way to Daylin. Full summary of the plan is after … More after the jump

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