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As Wolf Gears Up For Environmental Regulatory Push, a Reminder to Focus on Methane

With the release of Tom Wolf’s regulatory agenda for the year last Friday, it’s a great time to refocus on the need to take a hard line on methane leakage. Why is this so important? Attitudes toward fracking in Pennsylvania … More after the jump

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Study: Frack Fluids Could Contaminate Aquifers Much Sooner Than We Thought

Abrahm Lustgarten: Scientists have theorized that impermeable layers of rock would keep the fluid, which contains benzene and other dangerous chemicals, safely locked nearly a mile below water supplies. This view of the earth’s underground geology is a cornerstone of … More after the jump

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Vote Count for Fracking Impact Fee Just Got Tougher

Bad news for the Republicans’ “impact fee” on fracking:

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Joe Scarnati is Reading His Keystone Politics

Looks like Joe Scarnati agrees with my read of the Marcellus Shale politics.

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Turzai: Republicans Don’t Care About Passing a Fracking Tax

It looks like the votes aren’t there for Harrisburg Republicans to pass any kind of fracking tax.

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GOP Bills Undercharge Frackers for Abandoned Wells

Robert Swift says both of the Republican bills in the House and Senate would force taxpayers to pick up the tab for cleaning up abandoned fracking wells:

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Governor Norquist Doesn’t Like the House Impact Fee

I’m late to this, but I didn’t see much discussion of Grover Norquist’s statement on the House impact fee last week:

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Ed Rendell Tells Dems to Reject Weak Impact Fee

Laura Olson reports that Republicans passed Joe Scarnati’s impact fee bill out of committee on an almost party-line vote, and the bill will now be voted on by the full Senate at some point today.

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House Fracking Bill Can’t Pass the Senate

Scott Detrow gets behind the Capitolwire Pay Fortress and tells us that that the Senate Republicans do not have the votes to pass the House/Corbett language preëmpting local zoning regulations for fracking.

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Do Corbett’s Zoning Changes Go Far Enough?

Anything that derails the “local impact fee” version of a fracking tax is fine by me, but I do want to push back on this argument:

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