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Election Surprises Brewing in Central PA?

It’s probably been decades since Democrats held any of the 20-plus state House seats in south central PA other than the 3 that are based in the cities of Harrisburg, Lancaster and York. (One exception that I know of: Jeff … More after the jump

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Electoral College Tie? No Thanks! Plus: PA Deserves More U.S. Senators

On Thursday, pundit Larry Sabato posted about something that made me go “Aaauggghhh” – the possibility of a tie in the Electoral College. I don’t think it’ll actually happen – FiveThirtyEight puts the odds at 0.8%. But what a nightmare … More after the jump

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Following Redistricting Uproar, Harrisburg Will Probably Ignore Calls for Change

People are pissed about the new, unrecognizable Congressional maps, but politicians in Harrisburg have seen this before and are confident we’ll all forget their misdeeds by election time. The new map for the 2012 congressional elections , called “the worst … More after the jump

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Corbett Signs Redistricting Plan Into Law

It’s official – Harrisburg politicians betrayed their constituents once again by creating new, terrible congressional districts. How many times do we let this happen before we kick the bums out? Governor Corbett has signed off on a plan that will … More after the jump

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FIGHT The Latest Redistricting Plan – Tell Your Reps NO

Use the Keystone Politics Action Center to send your Representative and Senator a message telling them to reject the latest redistricting plan and keep communities together. Tell the cronies in Harrisburg that enough is enough.

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Ridiculous Redistricting Plan Breaks Up Communities Across PA

Is Easton part of the Lehigh Valley? Not anymore, according to the latest redistricting plan unveiled by Republicans in Harrisburg. They’ve carved the entire state up into an unrecognizable mish-mosh of political districts to gain an advantage in the next … More after the jump

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Philly City Council: Now With Less Gerrymandering!

Philadelphia City Council has taken steps to reduce the amount of gerrymandering the city’s 10 council districts, but their plan retains the population disparities between council members. FOLLOWING WEEKS of intense negotiations, City Council yesterday approved a final redistricting plan … More after the jump

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Legislature’s Number One Priority Will Be Redistricting

When the legislature gets back to Harrisburg, they’ll be worried about one thing – themselves: So if the process is run essentially by five people, one of whom is not even a member of the General Assembly, and there isn’t … More after the jump

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Stop The Gerrymandering and Fix Philly’s Districts

Pssst! Fix Philly Districts is now live. If you’re in Philly, head over there and redraw those maps so they make sense to the community, not some politician’s electoral game. You are not a game – you’re a citizen.

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