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#PAGov: Jack Wagner, We Hardly Knew Thee

Apparently Jack Wagner’s seeming master plan didn’t work out quite so well, as York Dispatch broke the news earlier today that the former Auditor General has dropped out of the PA-Gov race. Mr. Wagner made no statement to press, as he formally … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Jack Wagner’s Plan

Last night, Jake reported that Jack Wagner has been asking allies and Pennsylvania Democratic volunteers to circulate petitions for him without officially announcing his bid for governor — but it looks all-too obvious that it is official at this point. … More after the jump

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UPMC Challenge Not Just Good Policy

But good politics for a Mayoral candidate to base a campaign around: The poll conducted by Susquehanna Polling & Research of Harrisburg found that 76 percent of those voters support outgoing Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s bid to strip [UPMC]’s property and payroll tax … More after the jump

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Unskewing the #PGHMayor Susquehanna Poll

You know the poll I’m talking about, right? This one. From what I’ve seen, they haven’t released much of their demographic breakdowns yet, which makes it a little hard to dig into overall — but this is the topline: Former state … More after the jump

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Wagner Calls for Infrastructure/Bridge Upgrades

He’s right, of course. We’ve neglected our infrastructure and bridges for far too long, and the consequence is that now we have an even bigger bill to pay. Democratic Auditor General Jack Wagner said Tuesday that rebuilding the state’s transportation … More after the jump

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Mayor Ravenstahl Faces Challenges for Re-election

He made national news when he became Pittsburgh’s mayor at the age of 26, but since then reviews of Luke Ravenstahl have been mixed. Now as reelection approaches, it looks like it’s going to be a challenging cycle with Jack … More after the jump

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Wagner Says Corbett is Right Not to Spend Surplus

A top state Democrat broke from fellow party members yesterday and said that Governor Corbett is right not to use the tax surplus to help alleviate current budget woes. Auditor General Jack Wagner said the majority of the surplus should … More after the jump

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